Forget Cab Take A Bike To Your Destination! Lucknow To Launch Bike Taxi Services Soon.

In order to curb the rising traffic in the city, the transport department has come up with a revolutionary solution of bringing in the ‘Bike Taxi’ in Lucknow. Lucknow divisional commissioner, Anil Garg, has cleared a proposal by Ola and Uber to operate two-wheeler taxis which are likely to be more expensive than the cabs run by the same companies.

As per the rates cleared by the transport department, the first km will cost Rs 8.70 while every 500 meters thereafter will be Rs 4.10. The Bike Taxis are going to run through the city starting on 22nd February; “We have got bikes registered as taxis and trials for the same are done,” said Shonali Chakravarty, lead policy communication, Uber India that will be providing bike taxis via the app.

A distinct color code for the bike taxis has been decided for removing any sort of confusion regarding the same. “Uber and Ola had written to us for licenses and we have given them clearance. They are operating a similar service in Noida and Ghaziabad and we have allowed them to operate under exactly the same conditions under which they have been given licenses to operate there,” said Garg.

However, the bike taxis were started in Ghaziabad and Noida too and despite being environment-friendly, it did raise some concerns regarding the women safety and road safety. We welcome the new change in the city while the doubtful questions still linger that whether these bike taxis are going to reduce the traffic or be the cause of it? and what actions would the company take if the passengers don’t comply with the set rules of this service?

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