Lucknowites! Fight Till The Last Book Stall. 15th National Book Fair Is Already Here.

Here it is, again! Sooner and better. Yes, we are talking about 15th National Book Fair in Lucknow that takes place every year discerning teenagers and oldies together busy in sorting books out for themselves.

National Book fair starts from 23rd September to 2nd October, 2016 at Moti Mahal Vatika, Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow.

Book Fair Lucknow
Year 2015

Every year the number of books is increasing with the number of bookworms and literature enthusiasts. Isn’t it amazing? Like you get to see hundreds of bookworms gathered at one place hunting for treasures they HAVE TO find out? They aren’t left with any other option anyway because every year the sale of books comes with bigger discounts and offers. And no book reader would miss it, eh?

Well, apart from book stalls, music shows, poem recitations, book launches, and all other extravagance is beheld at the book fair. Now who is going to miss it? Definitely not the readers in Lucknow.

And wait! Did anyone say authors? Yes? Yes! National Book fair marks the presence of authors every year. So yes, bookworms get to feed on authors’ insight one to one. These book fairs have nearly everything present at the place; from books to food; everything.

Book Fair Lucknow
Year 2015

From Paulo Coelho to Kushwant Singh, you will not miss out a single author’s work. And needless to say, we do need good writers around us to inspire us and encourage us to read more.And every year, these book fairs reach the ultimate goal of having hundreds of book readers around and make them buy books as per their own choices. They have thousands to choose form anyway. These book fairs spot students from schools and colleges, teachers and parents enjoying the company of books everywhere around them.

Book Fair launch

And not to forget, Lucknow will impress readers more with not only two book fairs in a year but three chances of strolling around, sniffing books and buying them. Yes, you read it correct. Three book fairs in next three months! And Lucknow has enough readers not to get over them. What brings glory to book fairs is the Literary fest too that takes place around the same time. This way, Lucknowites get to indulge in depth of literature.

Hey, Lucknowites! Fix your presence these ten days where your inner nerd will fix itself from 11 am to 9pm. Do not miss it. Not always do you get the advantage of thousands of books in your city at lower rates. Pull up your socks!

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