The Famous Budget Bag Pose And The Story Behind It!

Some Indian traditions are being followed from a long time back yet, they fail to get noticed by the common eye! when you see someone dressed in white kurta-pajama with Nehru jacket, the first thought that strikes the mind is that “He is a politician”. It is like an informal uniform that every politician in the field wears to be distinguished from the crowd. One more tradition of such sort has continued for decades in the country:

Have you ever noticed the country’s finance minister on the budget day? Ever noticed that consistent pose with the ‘leather bag’? You will be astonished to know that this trend has been followed for centuries. Yes! you read that right!! The tradition has continued for centuries… The answer to ‘Why’ lies in the word ‘Budget’ that comes from a French word, ‘bougette’, which means a leather bag.

It all began in the 18th century, the Chancellor of the Exchequer or Britain’s budget chief William E. Gladstone was asked to present the budget. It was his annual statement and he used a red suitcase with Queen’s monogram embossed in gold. It had a bundle of papers in it. He struck a pose holding the suitcase before entering the parliament for his speech.

In India, the trend began when the first-ever budget was presented by Finance Minister RK Shanmukham Chetty on November 26, 1947, he was seen carrying a briefcase. Since then every year the finance minister of the country is seen with the leather bag on the budget day which carries the economic guidelines of the nation.

The Indian Political traditions are highly specific for, every tradition has a back-story of value and respect that has carried itself through time!

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