Enjoy Snack Hopping While You Tour Around Allahabad!

From bhel to baati chokha, be ready to taste some amazing varieties of mouth watering snacks that will tingle your taste buds when in Allahabad. If you are travelling to Allahabad for work or for leisure, then avail this golden opportunity to try out its local snacks on the go!

Let us take a tour of 10 famous things for your snacking spree in Allahabad.

1. Keema Dosa.


A specialty of the Coffee house, this one of its kind – the crispy Keema filled dosa will delight your taste buds to the hilt. Served with traditional sambhar and coconut chutney, this South Indian dish could not taste any better!

2. Aloo-less Samosa.

Hari ke Samose

If you had to eat samosa without the potato filling, it would be like eating ice cream without the cream! Well, welcome to the aloo-less variety of samosa, famous as Hari Ke Samose with a masala filling!
You can find it at the Loknath Gali in Allahabad which is well known for its street food.

3. Kachori Sabzi.


If you want to savour the typical UP meal, then do not miss the famous Kachori sabzi at Netram’s in Allahabad. While you are here, try out the ladoos from this place after enjoying the spicy delight!

4. Chhole Samose.

Chole Samose

Another way to enjoy the yummy samosas is to top them with spicy chhole. Do visit the Sainik’s joint to make your evenings simply yummy!

5. Baati Chokha.


If you are a fan of baati chokha, then you should go to this roadside eatery the under Banyan tree near the Allahabad High Court. These tasty edible wheat balls will satiate your taste buds most delightfully.

6. Chaat.


If you are in Allahabad and you have not tasted the chaat in the old city area of Kotwali and the Medical crossing, then your trip remains incomplete.
The aloo chaat made with desi ghee, topped with sweet curd, imli chutney, pudina chutney and sev is sure to make your heart sing with joy!

7. Mango Milk Shake.


Quench your thirst with the best mango milkshakes in Allahabad during summers. The creamy and frothy mango milkshake at Solaki and Sons in old Allahabad area is the perfect summer drink. Made with Dasehri variety, we bet you can’t stop at just one glass!

8. Mutton Biryani.


For the Mughlai food lovers, the delectable mutton biryani at the Madina Hotel in Patala area in Allahabad is a must try. Served with sides like salad and raita (curd), this biryani will definitely take you places!

9. Chrunchy Churmura.


The crunchy munchy snack of bhel, known as churmura can be sampled at the Civil Lines crossing in Allahabad. With a mixture of different sweet and salty spices, this sweet and tangy snack will definitely tingle your taste buds.

10. Gilory Paan.


After a hearty meal, Allahabad’s famous gilory paan is a must! You can try one at the renowned Sophiya Lawrence at Subhash crossing in Civil Lines area.

When in Allahabad, eat what Allahabadis eat! Enjoy the wide variety of local snacks and drinks and make your stay in the city an unforgettable one!

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