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A few leaders of AAP (Aam Admi Party) have rejected the verdict of Delhi MCD elections completely. They have claimed that the tampering of EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) in favor of Bhartiya Janata Party is behind the latter’s massive win.

Modi Wave
Modi Wave

Manish Sisodiya (AAP) rejecting the idea of any “Modi Wave” said that it’s the“EVM Wave” which is sweeping the country. Another AAP minister Gopal Rai commented, “This isn’t a Modi wave, this is an EVM wave. The same happened in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. It is a major threat to democracy.” Senior advisor to the AAP government, Nagendar Sharma tweeted

Incidentally, similar allegations were also made by a few political parties and leaders after the declaration of results of State Legislative Assembly Elections held in the five states last month. Certain people who lost elections raised a clamor and now here it is again! Surprisingly, BJP too had made such allegations, against their opponents after losing 2009 elections.

(So, do you get it now? Why always the losing parties? Think! Use your own brains!)

The frustration of losing elections is comprehensible as the poll results come as a slap in the face of these politicians. These leaders, thus, by making such irresponsible and baseless statements distract the public from their embarrassment of “have lost”. But the real tragedy is not this. The problem arises when these statements start misleading the common public. Moreover, such baseless allegations are a threat to the sanctity of our highly significant and dignified democratic institutions.

Election Commission of India is a permanent Constitutional Body and the Constitution has vested in it the superintendence, direction and control of the conduct of elections. Thus, the commission, since its inception has been functioning impartially and in an unbiased manner following the principles enshrined in the constitution. The policy makers of India, indeed, were foresighted people.

ECI, in its official Press Note, released on 16th March, 2017 responded in detail to the concerns raised regarding the credibility of EVMs. It says, “ECI unequivocally reiterates that given effective technical and administrative safeguards, EVMs are not temperable and integrity of the electoral process is preserved.”

Since the topic of “EVM tampering” has been trending of late, let’s try to find out some facts related to it from history.

EVM mid

The Election Commission mooted the idea of EVM in December 1977 with the intention of removing resultant ambiguities in casting votes and removing the possibilities of invalid votes totally. A Technical Expert Committee evaluated the EVMs and after coming to the conclusion that EVM is a “secure system” the use of EVMs in elections was unanimously recommended in April 1990.

Is this the first time that the EVM tampering issue has been raised in India? No. Let’s see the history of such instances:

1. Madras High Court-2001

2. Delhi High Court-2004

3. Karnataka High Court-2004

4. Kerala High Court-2002

5. Bombay High Court (Nagpur Bench)-2004

To the great relief of the recent ‘losing parties’, all the above High courts went through the aspects of not only technological soundness but also administrative procedures involved in the use of EVMs. Consequently, the courts (all of them) held that these machines are “credible, reliable and totally tamper proof”.

Also, one might like to take note of the observation made by the Madras High Court in the concerned matter which is as follows:

“There is no question of introducing any virus or bugs for the reason that the EVMs cannot be compared to personal computers. The computer would have inherent limitations having connections through the internet and by their very design, they may allow the alteration of the program but the EVMs are independent units and the program in EVM is entirely a different system.”

In 2009, in an extraordinary measure, ECI invited the activists who had expressed reservations about the EVMs and challenged them to come and demonstrate how the machines can be tampered. The EVMs were offered for demonstration, from 3rd to 8th August 2009, to these people in the presence of a Technical experts group and Engineers. However, they either failed at it or chose not to demonstrate. In its response, ECI, concluding its note underlines, “…that it always had a firm conviction and complete satisfaction that EVMs could not be tampered with….these are fully tamper-proof, as ever.”

Still having doubts in mind? Oh, why not! The balloons of dreams that you, the politicians, inflated in the minds of voters have been burst by the results and now choosing the “excuses” way is the only thing left. But panic not! The Election Commission, to assure the peace of your mind has thrown an “Open challenge” to people to “Hack” its EVMs, the way it did in 2009:

“From the first week of May, experts, scientists, technocrats can come for a week or 10 days and try to hack the machines”, conveyed the official sources.

Will any of these political leaders approach the Election Commission to prove their allegations this time? If they do and fail to prove their claims, they should be ready to face the common man of the country. They must learn that they cannot befool the people with their political gimmicks. They must learn that they can’t come down to the level of shifting the blame for their failure in the elections on our prestigious institutions.

Note: Stop trusting news available here and there people! If you really wish to know the technology, functioning and the procedural securities pertaining to the EVMs, visit the website of the Election Commission. Today!

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