Editorial | News Fighting News: A Look-Back And Around.

WikiTrubune, a new venture of Jimmy wales, co-founder of Wikipedia will be producing “fact-based articles that have a real impact in both local and global events” according to him. Its goal as per the website will be to fight “fake news” which is growing more than the actual news should–in the world where literacy is growing fast and governments & business houses trying to find ways to get the internet for everyone.

Fake news can be an opinion that is manufactured or a fact wrongly put, and that is what is growing in our age of freedom, where people have free sources to share information. But that is also free for the people who don’t want facts to be known for their own interest in their real sense.

These facts range from highly confidential defense deals, connections of Business houses to the official enemies of states and some organizations which are sometimes not as bad as they are pictured. Hence the people who have access to these resources commonly known as Social Networking Sites often end up being manipulated rather than expressing their thoughts.


Now, this is what is called ‘genius of fooling people’ by giving them a ‘sense of freedom’ without actually telling what is defying it!

French oligarchs’ dead souls must be loving this. Only if they had known about this when alive, there had been no French revolution. Or, for that matter, if Czars had Twitter in their regime with millions of followers they also would have employed an army to fight every ‘dissent’ and perhaps would still be ruling Russia.

Perhaps post-truth is growing even more. ‘People’ are sharing their opinions on several platforms without knowing the facts, and often even by making them up. May India greet RepublicTV with enthusiasm and trust, as it is also said to be a platform to focus on opinions rather than facts. Post the US presidential election a case was registered against Google for providing fake news affecting people’s decision making. Google released the data and it was found that fake news originated either from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. or some media outlets which were not openly a mouthpiece but made their way by being just media.

Now nobody blames anything, but some people have started to mistrust everyone and everything. The focus has been shifted just like always, it’s the ‘agenda’ that has come out victorious. The news industry is blooming just like PR agencies, though both are on a different trajectory of profits and public scrutiny. Interesting!

Sometime during, before or after the London smog of three days in 1952, which killed 12000 (but officially 4000 only, guess it wasn’t just Amritsar, Kenya or Ireland where they stopped counting after a given number) habitats of the capital of the Empire on which Sun never set, its Prime minister Winston Spencer Churchill, the 5 time war hero, a Noble laureate, painter and one of the three men who signed the agreement to Bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki said on one quiet night after a regular lavish dinner to one of his many secretaries to bring to him only facts, as he “…knows how to twist them to make his point”.


When the news of atrocities on Kenyans by British Empire broke to the Queen through the letters written by black Kenyans, she only asked how those letters are reaching her. The strong and undemocratically functioning governments around the world now ask the same questions, but in different manners, that why certain news are going out to citizens.

They have a state-owned media house or do not provide any interviews or inside-stories to break to the media houses that are not ‘in pocket’, and well of course, business houses don’t give ads to such newspapers. The news industry which is facing huge losses due to growing mistrust for it…is able to function almost entirely on advertisement money these days. And they have learned to love it. It’s less struggling that way.

Churchill also gave credit to the Empire for teaching the world democracy and civilization. The world has learned well! Now is the time when media, the fourth pillar of democracy whose representatives turn up on-time, wearing charming suits, with ‘guests’ who can talk like ‘experts’, must thank him for teaching it the ways of faking the news and manufacturing opinions. For the ‘twists and manipulations’ that got Governments elected and business houses functioning normally even after (several) criminal cases are found against them.

News should be what is Facts; its opinionated impact based on the logic and trajectory of similar facts and events in the past. News should be something worth knowing and tell, it should stop being Music or even Noise, it doesn’t have to be Beautiful or Ugly.

It shouldn’t have to be a Painting but the Surface!

What do you think?

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