Drooling Over These 15 Most Expensive Food Around The World Because We Obviously Cannot Afford It!

Expensive food was once cooked for the royalty but now, only the rich have the privilege to taste it! A perfect blend of exclusive ingredients and an expert hand is all it takes to create the most delectable dishes. Some of these dishes can only be afforded by the richie rich! The ingredients used in these foods are special and highly priced, which elevates that prices of the dishes.
How much does a kidney sell for anyway? Sigh!

Here is a list of 15 most expensive foods around the world that will leave you awestruck.

1. The Golden Phoenix.

Golden Pheonix

All that glitters is not gold, but Dubai’s Golden Pheonix Cupcake made of gold is all you need to add sparkle to your life. The chocolate flavoured cupcake with premium vanilla beans, is wrapped up in 23 karat gold sheets and sprinkled with edible gold dust. Rightly priced at a whopping $1000 per cupcake!
Feel the Midas Touch anyone?

2. Westin Hotel Bagel.


This bagel priced at $1000 per piece will surely leave you baffled. A creation of Chef Frank Tujague of The Westin New York Hotel, has a topping of truffle cream cheese and Goji berry jelly and is decorated with edible flakes of gold.
A bagel full of surprises!

3. The Luxury Pizza.

Luxury Pizza

This pizza will lighten your pocket with a price of $1000! Sold at Nino’s Bellisima in New York, it has four top varieties of caviar along with toppings of lobster, wasabi and much more.
And I still can’t get far Margarita.

4. Coffin Bay King Oysters.


Oysters are a luxury food items in high end restaurants. Coffin Bay King Oysters, the baap of all oysters, cost around $100 each across big hotels in Australia.

5. The Glamburger.


Who knew a benign burger could cost $1110? This burger is sold at a London restaurant ‘Honky Tonk’ and uses the most expensive ingredients possible! Chef Chris Large uses Kobe Wagyu beef and New Zealand venison seasoned with smoked Himalayan salt. The buns are coated with gold leaf!
Finally feel like a royalty eating a burger!

6. Foie Gras.

Foie Gras

Foie Gras is a popular and expensive French cuisine. It is full of protein and is prepared from the fattened liver of duck. It is coupled with fine wine to complement its smooth and soft texture.
Bon appetite!

7. Berco’s Million Dollar Popcorn.


The popcorn with an extra expensive crunch, this popcorn is loaded with caramel butter, vanilla, Laeso salt from Denmark and 23 karat gold flakes, tagged at whooping $250 per gallon.
And I am here, still struggling with the price of popcorn at Movie Theatres!

8. The Zillion Dollars Lobster Frittata.


It is probably the most luxurious omelet in the world for $1000 served at Norma’s restaurant in Manhattan’s Le Parker Meridien Hotel. A combination of eggs and lobster with a generous heap of caviar on top is what makes it so expensive.
Guess it’s time for the second kidney!

9. Lindeth Howe Pudding.


This royal pudding at Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel in Windermere, made of Belgian chocolate covered with an edible gold leaf, and a 2 karat diamond is all you need to feel like a King! Well you actually have to be a King to eat this because each pudding is priced at $34,531 and is served with a golden spoon.
Can I get one rose, just one rose?

10. Sushi Del Oriente.


A sushi with extra sparkle, this nilgiri sushi is wrapped up in 24 karat gold leaf and is topped with 0.2 karat African Diamonds and costs a mind boggling $2100 per plate.
Even the sushi shines bright like a diamond now!

11. Samundari Khazana Curry.


This platter of seafood treasure comprises of sea snails, lobster, assorted caviar and edible gold leaf decoration. It costs £2000 at the Upmarket eatery, Bombay Brassiere in London.
Saat samundar paar hai ye khanazana jisko hume kabhi nahi hai khana. * Sob Sob*

12. Platinum Club Sandwich.


The Von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich costs $197 at Cliveden, Berkshire. It is triple-decker sandwich made from quail eggs, sundried tomatoes, Beluga caviar and Iberico ham.
Cheese sandwich anyone? *Sob sob*

13. Fugu Fish.

Fugu Fish

The $200 rare fugu fish is served in paper thin slices by expert and licensed chefs. If not prepared with expertise, it contains enough poison to kill 30 people.
No thank you, I can skip this one! Totally!

14. Golden Opulence Sundae.

Golden Sundae

The world’s most expensive Golden Opulence Sundae comes for $1000. Made from different variants of the rare chocolate ice cream around the world and covered with a 23 karat gold leaf, you can only sample this delicacy if you order two days in advance. It is a great way to celebrate your anniversary or birthday!
Holy mother of gold!

15. Golden Ramen.


The most expensive ramen cost $180 per bowl. The golden leaf coating and Wagyu beef is what makes it so expensive. You can take the chopsticks home as a souvenir!
Main aur meri Maggi. *sob sob sob sob sob*

Well we can only hope to get a taste of such royal delicacies someday, until then, McDonalads and Dominoes remains our best friends. 

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