Capture the Essence Of Ayodhya In These 10 Beautiful Spots.

If you are all set to tour the holy city of Ayodhya, there are a lot of places you must visit which will remind you of the era gone by. It is believed to be the land where Lord Shri Rama was born and where the epic Ramayana took place.
Ayodhya was known as Saket in ancient times and remains home to multiple temples till date. It is considered one of the major religious attractions of Uttar Pradesh.

Let us take you around the places that you must visit when in Ayodhya.

1. Rama Janamabhoomi.

The place where Lord Rama was born is known as Rama Janambhoomi or Ramkot. Today it stands under strict security and the public has to keep their belongings away to make a darshan.

2. Mani Parvat.

Lord Buddha used to preach here when he stayed in Ayodhya for 6 years. Mani Parvat is a 65 feet tall hill which is believed to have fallen off the mountain carried by Lord Hanuman for Sanjeevani Booti.

You are bound to get enthralled by the beautiful view of the city standing atop this hill.

3. Hanuman Garhi.

Built in 10th century, this temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. One has to climb 76 steps to reach the main area and offer laddoos as prasadam.

4. Nageshwarnath Temple.

This is an ancient temple believed to be built by Lord Rama’s son Kush. It is situated on the banks of Saryu river and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

5. Kanak Bhavan.

Next to Hanuman Garhi stands Kanak Bhavan which is one of the most elaborate temples of Ayodhya. It was gifted by Rani Kaikeyi to Sita and Lord Rama on the occassion of their marriage.

Idols of Lord Rama and Sita can be found in the main area of the temple.

6. Lakshmana Ghat.

Situated on the banks of Saryu river, Lakshmana Ghat is the place where Lord Rama’s brother Lakshmana is believed to have taken ‘Jal Samadhi’.

7. Treta ke Thakur.

Situated on the banks of Saryu river, this ancient temple is the place where Lord Rama is believed to have performed Ashwamedha Yajna.

8. Ram Ki Paidi.

This pakka ghat is located near Nayaghat and was built in mid eighties. One can take a holy dip in Saryu river along with other pilgrims here.

9. Sita Ki Rasoi.

Located near Ram Janamabhoomi, Sita ki Rasoi is believed to be the place where Sita would cook food for the entire family after her marriage. Be ready to me mesmerized by the beautiful architecture of this place.

10. Guptar Ghat.

Guptar Ghat is believed to the place where Lord Rama took ‘Jal Samadhi’ by drowning in Saryu river and left the earth for ‘Vaikuntha’ (abode of Lord Vishnu).

Capture the essence of the city while you walk across its streets. Feel the history come alive when you visit different places, ghats and temples of Ayodhya. Jai Shri Ram!

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