Best Video Games Of 90s: A Walk Down The Memory Lane!

One thing everyone wishes for is that one chance to relive the precious childhood moments, to go back to the time when things were a lot simpler and easier. Here is to all those 90’s kids who dearly miss their childhood fun and are just busy wondering would today’s generation ever get to have that much fun 😛 We have a list of the best video games of the 90s that really made our childhood unforgettable!

Get Ready To Have Some Nostalgic Tears!!

1. Mario

Saving princess peaches, pudgy Italian plumber Mario, practically introduced Indians to gaming on consoles. Since its inception in India in the early 90s, Mario sold like hot cakes for years in a row. As the game grew to enormous success, a lot of sequels and prequels of the game were made.

2. Road Rash

This game gave us the liberty to act like badass speed junkies who would not only cheat but even beat down the opponents to win the race.

3. Tekken

Tekken was one of the very first arcade games to arrive in India. Created by Namco, the one on one fighting game documented the events of the King of Fist Tournament. Sequels of the game – Tekken 2 and Tekken3 were equally successful in India as well.  Some of the most notable characters of the game were Paul, Lion, Hiachi and Ogre

4. Midtown Madness

Probably the most notable PC driving game of the 90s, Midtown Madness is, till date, pretty fun to play. The game was originally designed for teens to learn traffic rules, but we all know how we used to wreak havoc on the city, killing pedestrians and smashing into cars. It was pure driving bliss

5. Duck hunt

Shooting down ducks in order to feed your dog never felt this amazing. The light gun shooter video game gave us 3 shots to shoot down the flying ducks on the screen that earned us points to advance to the next level.

6. Circus

The game was fun to play and was aimed at pre-teens, but was just as much addictive to even the kids in their mid-teens.

7. Street Fighter

Another legendary arcade game, Street Fighter was a 90s gem of fighting games. The player takes control of martial artist Ryu, who competes in a worldwide martial arts tournament, spanning five countries and ten opponents. The game was also known for the fictional rivalry between Ryu and Ken, both martial art geniuses.

8. Contra

If you don’t know about Contra, then you might be living under a rock! The legendary run and gun action game took over our Nintendo gaming consoles for years. The simple plot of saving the earth from terrorist group Red Falcon was fascinating and engaging enough to make us pull an all-nighter. And that was a rarity in the 90s.

9. Virtua Cop

Virtua Cop was one of the earliest and few first-person shooter light gun games to come to India in the 90s. The game quickly became a cult classic post-launch on both PC and arcade. Virtua Cop 2 and Virtua Cop 3 were equally.

10. Pac man

Although it was not actually a 90s game, Pac-Man remains the most played and recognized Nintendo console game in the world. And as soon the modified version of the 90s came out, the 80s Pac-Man was brought back from the dead with a bang.

11. Alladin

This game single-handedly started a different era in Nintendo console gaming. The game met with massive success upon launch and also garnered numerous awards. The game reportedly sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

12. Bomberman

Another one of the most fun games was Bomberman where carrying bombs was just another thing! Here the highest risk was getting killed by your own bomb! 😀

These video games made up for the major fun that the 90’s kids had, we can absolutely feel the nostalgia engulfing us. Do tell us anymore fun games that we might have missed because 90’s games are pure love!!

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