Air Force Officer Arrested For Spying And Passing Secret Information To The Pakistani Agents.

In a shocking revelation on Thursday, An Indian Air Force Officer, Arun Marwaha was arrested by the Delhi police allegedly over the charges of passing information to Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) after he was wrongly wooed.

On February 7, Group Captain Arun Marwaha was handed over to the Delhi police by the air force which detained the senior official on 31st January over suspicion. “We have arrested a senior officer of the Indian Air Force. He has been booked under the Official Secrets Act. Further investigation is on,” MM Oberoi, special commissioner (special cell) of Delhi Police, said.

Sources said Marwah had been ‘honey-trapped’ online by the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) through two Facebook accounts in mid-December. ISI operatives were masquerading as models through these profiles. After being lured through seductive conversations for a week or so, he was enticed to share information pertaining to IAF exercises.

Police said they have not found any evidence of monetary exchange and added that he was passing classified information in lieu of sex chats. “We have found some objectionable conversations and pictures on his mobile phone,” an investigating officer said.

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