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    10 Things Lucknowites Are Tired Of Hearing And Their Fitting Replies!

    Since forever certain stereotypes have been clad along about Lucknowites, being called nawabs to ‘Pehle aap’. Every Lucknowite has gone through this verbal torture of being categorized into a certain setup. Being from Lucknow there are some one-liners we all are fed up of hearing. Every time we all wish to utter those beautiful responses that come to our mind but we couldn’t. So here are the apt responses that can shut those mouths forever!!

    1. Are ye Lucknow se hain! inke ghar mein koi na koi to vidhayak hoga hi!

    2. Bade araam se ho! Lucknow ke ho kya?

    3. Acha ek baat hai! duniya chicken khaati hai aur tum log pehente ho.

    4. Abe ‘Hi Dude’ kya hota hai! inse aadaab kaho!

    5. Arre Lucknow se ho aur non-veg nahi khaate!!


    6. Dude it’s big town talk Lucknowites won’t get it!

    7. Lucknow se ho? are to do paan laga BHAIYA!

    8. Bhai urdu sikha do tumko to aati hi hogi!!

    9. Bhai ek romantic sher bata bandi ko msg karna hai.

    10. Bhaiya hukka cigarette se zyada nuksaan deta hai, pata hai ki nahi?


    These were just those replies we could say staying into the “limits” and for any further direct response please contact the nearest Lucknowi you see and we are sure, you would get the perfect reply. To all the Lucknowites who are tired of Listening to these dialogues don’t worry we got this handled!

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    15 Foreign T.V Series Youngsters Of Lucknow Are Drooling Over.

    Binge watching tv shows is the new cool thing these days. Most of the youngsters today use their leisure time to watch these tv shows. The daily soaps are a source of entertainment and prove to be a relief from the daily on goings. Proving to be one of the best source for dealing with stress for youngsters, The daily soaps have actually taken into being the best free time buddies for youngsters. Here are some of the tv series most watched by the young nawabs of Lucknow.

    P.S: The names are not in serial order. Don’t panic. 😛

    1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

    One of the most celebrated T.V series among the youngsters of Lucknow. Every second person you meet here has either already seen the show or are drooling over it like its life. This sitcom has become the heart throb of young Lucknow. A relief from the daily hassles.

    2. Game Of Thrones

    The list would have been incomplete without the name of this show. The most hot topic for conversation these days is GOT. Every other person is seen discussing this tv show. Made on a fantasy novel By George R.R Martin, this show has got the maximum rating.

    3. Big Bang Theory

    Another of the sitcoms famous for its humorous approach to real life problems. A bunch of geeks hanging around and handling the socially awkward situations. This show is on the list as it is widely liked by the people. The presence of an Indian character in the series is also one of the reasons people like the show.

    4. Sherlock

    A crime drama which has taken up onto the hearts of the viewers. This show is based on the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A crime drama rich in suspense has kept the viewers glued to their screens. The Main characters of Sherlock and Dr. Watson are played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman respectively.

    5. The Veep

    The American political satire comedy, it has won many awards and has been nominated for best comedy series. The show based on political satire is widely accepted and watched by the youngsters. Giving in a kick of humor serious issues are dealt with.

    6. How I Met You Mother

    Another sitcom whose fandom clashes with F.R.I.E.N.D.S. HIMYM fans usually end up comparing the two. The show has eccentric humor with the perfect blend of drama. The story revolves around the main character Ted Mosby, who narrates the story to his children about how he met their mother.

    7. New Girl

    Yet another loved sitcom by the youth of Lucknow. Its a great blend of comedy and drama. If You are a fan of situational comedy,then this show is a must watch on your list. The story revolves around the life of the character,Jessica Christopher Day.

    8. Supernatural

    This american fantasy horror television series has actually made the youth of Lucknow binge watch the show and get actually engulfed by the show’s plot so much as to start living in fandom. If you are up for a little horror along with the lovely bond of sibling love, then this show is a must watch!

    9. The Walking Dead

    A post apocalyptic horror series, which shows a world overrun by zombies and a bunch of survivors who are trying to adapt to this new turnout of the world. the show has recently gained much popularity among the youth. The most viewers of this show range between 18 to 40 years.

    10. Breaking Bad

    A crime drama television series, the show has gained a lot of recognition among the youth recently. the story is of a chemistry teacher who after being diagnosed with cancer turns his attention to making meth for paying his medical bills which turns him into a notorious dealer. The thrill and excitement of the show keeps the people connected to the story.

    11. Pretty Little Liars

    This comes with a different genre of teen mystery drama. The story revolves around four young girls and their secrets are revealed in the course of time, while they try to unveil the mystery behind the death of their best friend. The plot and story are quite appealing.

    12. The Vampire Diaries

    The female protagonist struggles to make a decision between two vampire brothers and their supernatural lives. Soon after she discovers the truth her whole world turns upside down. The show has gained a lot of viewers, and is quiet popular among the youth.

    13. 13 Reasons Why

    A new series which has recently turned to the hottest topic of discussion among the teens and youth is ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’. The story of a young girl and the quest of her friend for finding the reason behind her death is quite captivating.

    14. House MD

    A medical drama, which deals with the unconventional Dr. house, who is a medical genius and despite his unfit condition leads a team of diagnosticians. The show has gained popularity among the young adult generation.

    15. Humsafar

    A Pakistani drama which gained a lot of recognition among the youth of Lucknow. ‘Humsafar’ deals with a couple who were forced to marry as they were promised to each other, how they deal with the situation at hand and fight their internal battels. If you are a fan of sensitive drama this show is a must watch.

    16. Zindagi Gulzar Hai

    Another one of the Pakistani drama, which has gained a lot of attention in the due course of time from the young generation as its not just any drama, the plot is great and pushes the limits. The show holds a strong female protagonist.

    These are some of the most popular T.V series that have kept the youngsters quite busy these vacations. Well must say they are totally worth spending time. Do tell us if you have any other foreign series in mind.


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    10 Different Ways People From Lucknow Use The Word ‘Yaar’.

    ‘Yaar’, the word which can be used to describe almost every emotion. Just a push here and there and with merely altering the pronunciation the word can be used to refer to a completely different feeling. The literal meaning of the word is ‘friend’ and usually it is used to refer to a close friend. The word is too common especially among the youth of Lucknow. Here are some particular ways in which this word is used by the Lucknowites.

    #1. When you are too happy for your friend 🙂

    #2. When you did something wrong and now dread the inevitable.

    #3. When you are irritated by your friends’ idiotic actions.

    #4. When the climax part of the movie is about to come and electricity shuts down.

    #5. When late at night you want to irritate your friend.

    #6. When you desperately need help.

    #7. When your friend is talking on and on for past 1 hour.

    #8. When you are being suspicious.

    #9. When after watching a horror movie you are scared AF.

    #10. When you are angry on your friend and are being all sarcastic.

    These are just some of the ways the people of Lucknow use this word. Can you think of any other? Do drop your comments here, we are really eager to know how much more multipurpose can this word be…  🙂

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    10 Reasons Why A Lucknowi Girl Is Your Perfect Dating Partner.

    Boys! finding the girl of your dreams is obviously something quite stressful. The girls of Lucknow are exactly what you call an ideal mix of royalty and simplicity. They live up to the exact image one has of Lucknow with the full Nawabi essence around them, they are simple and down to earth at heart. She would be your loveliest friend at the same time, will turn into an angry tigress if anybody hurts you. We bring to you certain reasons why you should date the girls of this Awadhi land.

    1. Simplicity runs through her.

    The definite down to earth attitude of Lucknowi girls is something that’s a heart stealer for boys. Being the desi girls they love what they have and instead of running behind the latest trends they make a trend of their own. Guys these are the girls who fall for you over a plate of gol-gappas.

    2. Bow down to the ‘Chatori Begums’.

    A definite catch! The girls of Lucknow are the lovely ‘Chatori Begums’ their love for food has forever won the hearts. These are the kinds of girls who don’t give a F**k about dieting if it comes to pleasing their tongues. They are not just foodie they will make you fall in love with the Food too.

    3. Bargain queens. They can kill for it.

    A crown every diva of this city deserves! Girls of Lucknow are undoubtedly winners in the field of bargaining. They know how much to spend where. Smart shopping is an intricate trait of them. Spending money on clothes is something that needs a smart mind and the begums here are smart indeed.

    4. A perfect blend of desi+videsi.

    The girls of Lucknow live up to this title perfectly. These girls are the real party freaks and at the same time when it comes to traditional festivals, they are there in all ethnic clad up. These girls can be your partner for being the favorite among your family she is not a foot behind in your friend-circle!! Mind it! She can be your partner in crimes be it good or be it bad. 😉

    5. Music buddy. (Let the Music play!)

    Yup! music is love. She can be your perfect music partner from listening to old classics she is all into trending metal. Following music and worshipping the singers is not just your passion. Dating a girl from Lucknow gives you a buddy with whom you can share your taste in music for, be it emotional slow stuff to hardcore rock she is there to give you company!

    6. Your cool partner. She gets you in and out. 😉

    The girls of Lucknow are a pretty understanding type of partners! they give you the space that’s needed and at the same time are there for you when you need them the most. If you re dating a Lucknowi girl then you are the luckiest guy probably. For they can laugh along at your dirtiest secrets and at the same time can be your 3 am horror partner.

    7. She is stubborn as hell when it comes to commitment. Warning!!

    Call her obstinate or whatever you will, but once she is committed to your friendship nothing can deter this Lucknowi begum. Let the bad times come and go she will be there by your side. Yes, a trait proudly carried by the girls of Lucknow. They are too serious about their commitment. So guys Love her only if you are ready to give your 100%.

    8. These are the queens in disguise.

    Perfect description for these Awadhi queens. They have the aura around them which makes them distinct from others. They become the heartthrob of every place they go. All the eyes are set on her as she is the jolly girls in the party who is the show stealer.

    P.S: Don’t blame her is she steals your ‘Thunder’ for she can’t help it! 😛

    9. Need not worry about the melodrama for, she isn’t cut out for that.

    Melodrama is not something that’s her type. If a Lucknow girl wants to say something she can easily opt for a direct conversation. Not because they have this rude approach but well seriously who has the time for all the crap and they are pretty clear about that!

    10. She will understand you in and out… as somewhere deep inside her is a lurking shayar.

    Born in the land with rich cultural background every Lucknow girl has this inner hidden shayar and this makes her open and understanding lady that she is. Understanding your every feeling and giving words to those unspoken emotions.

    So Guys what are you waiting for? Finding a girl who fulfills all your criteria is a little hard and these begums don’t really like to wait!! So, don’t waste your time and keep looking because having a begum as your own can be a lovely change in your life!!

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    8 Times Lucknow Came To Your Rescue When You Were Too Broke!!

    Being broke at the end of the month is not a surprise if you were not born with a shining silver spoon in your mouth. Everyone has bad days when all they wonder about is, how are they going to survive in this mean ‘money’ world. Living in Lucknow can get you many benefits and being able to work your way out of the ‘FAQEER’ days is just one of them. Here is a list of ways when living in Lucknow has left you not feeling so low on your pocket.

    # All time available street food for the last days of the month when you have nothing more than 100 bucks.

    Gone out of budget? We understand. The last weeks of the month leave your pockets empty and you wondering how long would you be able to survive! That’s when living in Lucknow turns out to be a blessing for you as you have various options at street carts, ranging from all kinds of Chinese to the famous Mughlai. You can have it all. 🙂

    # Beautifully peaceful places to roam around when you want to get out of your house and have no money to hang out in any cafe.

    Lucknow is full of beautiful parks and places to hang out at those times when you are feeling low and you want to enjoy your alone time and don’t have enough money to grab a chair in the cafe. You can go have a long stroll in the parks plugin your earphones and enjoy the music of nature.

    # Street shopping markets for those days when you have to go to a party but you are specifically out of money.

    Sudden party plans and nothing to wear? Don’t worry you are a Lucknowite! You have a lot of street markets that have an amazing collection of party clothes at cheaper rates. You just need to know where to search. Plus be good at bargaining that’s the ultimate necessity. 😛

    # Number of cheaper bakery options for those special birthday cakes on your broke days.

    You want to make your friend feel special on their birthday but lack of money is a hindrance? Relax for Lucknow has a lot of options of cheaper bakeries where you can get your desired cakes at cheaper rates. And the taste is great too.

    # Getting trendy things at cheaper rates is something Lucknow has “secret” markets for.

    Lucknow is full of surprising elements. Places like Aminabad, Chowk, Nakhas etc. come with so many lanes that leave you in awe of the areas. You can get everything in latest fashion at way cheaper rates in these areas. From those sexy pairs of jeans to those leather jackets. You name it and you have got it.

    # A hell lot of parks for organizing your special date night when your budget is crashed.

    Money can not buy happiness but it can surely get you a superb place for your date night. Lack of money is a big problem when you want to make the night special for your loved one but, if you are living in Lucknow you cannot be any more relaxed. There are a number of parks which can give you the cozy atmosphere you need for the date night, and what can be more romantic than dinner under the stars with your loved one. 🙂

    # Lot of cheap hug-able soft toys for decorating your room when you don’t have any money to invest on decors.

    You want to give your room the look you have in mind but don’t have enough money to get that done? Take it easy Lucknowites for its a lot easier for you to get your hands on those soft hug-able toys for decoration at really cheap rates.

    # When you have to invite a lot of people for the birthday party and the cheap cafes with awesome ambiance come to your rescue.

    Lucknow offers you with a variety of trendy cafes and restaurants with a beautiful ambiance that let you throw parties at way cheaper rates making the day fun for your friends without being a heavy load on your pocket.

    Living in Lucknow is a blissful experience and every Lucknowite must be very proud of the fact that they are a part of this city. Love you Lucknow for being the lifesaver in those dreadful days. Let us know in the comments section how Lucknow has helped you out!


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    10 Reasons Why You Must Date A Guy From Lucknow!

    Ladies! whenever you choose a partner you know, he has to be the best and different from the whole lot. Lucknow has been a home to Nawabs for a long-long time and the charm of Nawabs has never failed to woo the ladies. We bring to you certain reasons that perfectly tell why you should date a guy who is from Lucknow.

    1- A Lucknowi guy has a tweak of Nawabi touch.

    Set aside cute chocolate boys, heads up for the perfect bearded boys! Well, yeah the city of Nawabs bestows the best of bearded men on earth.

    2- Pamper thrills, you girls? Then, GO DATE A LUCKNOWI GUY!!

    The renowned slogan “Pehle app” isn’t really a myth! People (especially boys) do actually believe in treating their GIRLS like that. Nowhere on earth can a guy treat you so well, don’t you even dare to compare.

    3- Desi style, maal versatile! 😛

    A blend of tough, rigid personality with a sweet & soothing heart is nowhere available apart from the city of Nawabs. Come on ya girls, they’re worth a try.

    4- Musical buddies, they know the language of Love.

    The boys of Lucknow are a perfect catch as, their love for music makes them give meaning to those tiny butterfly feelings. What a girl wants from a boy is understanding and Lots of Love. Well, girls!! your search is definitely gonna end here.

    5- Lucknowi guys are a bunch of romance fanatics.

    Romance is something that runs in the blood of these Nawabs. From those beautiful candle light dinners to the lovely long drives, they do it all to make you fall head over heels in love with them.

    6- Lover of the comfort zone? Get yourself a Nawab.

    These Nawabi guys have this aura around them, that makes you comfortable even in the most unsettling situations. With him, you can be in your comfort zone at any point of the day.

    7- They know how to appreciate beauty, after all, they are the real admirers of art.

    Born and brought up in the land famous for its art and culture, understanding the beauty of simpler things and appreciating it, is something that’s every Lucknowi guy’s intricate part.

    8- Foodie? Well, you would get a competitor.

    Being a foodie in this land of kebabs is not a surprise. When you have a Lucknow guy by your side deciding where to eat out is not a task anymore. And yes they are always up for

    9- They steal the hearts with their ‘Shayarana Andaaz’.

    Poetry and Love have since forever gone hand in hand. There is no doubt that the men of Lucknow are core shayars from the inside even though, they don’t show it out to the world but what really weaves them are those words with hidden meanings.

    10-  Down-to-Earth attitude of the Lucknowi guys is what makes them different from the rest.

    Having an attitude that doesn’t define you is something that is hard to possess. Most guys of Lucknow have a very humble approach towards others. Their no-show off attitude is an eye catcher and something that makes them the sweetest people around.

    These reasons make the guys from Lucknow the never-to-miss ones. So girls think hard before you choose, as getting a Nawab of Lucknow can really change your life for the good. 😉

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    Hurry And Submit Your Films For The International Film Festival “SAIFF 5.0”. Only Two Weeks To Go.

    Shaan-e-Awadh International Film Festival, a festival that celebrates the hidden talent of film making. This festival has been keeping up its agenda, of giving a clear path to the beginners who have interest in film making but due to lack of opportunities, they are not able to develop. Providing a platform to the beginners to show-case their talent in the wide world is exactly what this festival focuses on.  Promoted by “Splash Etcetra” and organized by “Awadh Art Society” this festival has once again brought up a pack of opportunities for all those dreamy eyes that can make a difference with their talent in the field of directing and film making.

    Shaan-e-awadh international film festival is a platform made just for you if you have the spark that’s needed for film making. Grab whatever camera you have and make a video that shows your true passion for film making, who knows you get a place to showcase your talent in front of the best directors. Know yourself and learn to make a difference. Don’t let lack of resources be a hindrance anymore shoot whatever you feel is worth and your story might be the next stone turner.

    Grab this opportunity guys, you are the future of film making. Prove it to the society that film making has the power to change things way more than just the hairstyle and fashion sense. 25th of September is the last date for the submission of your work of art. For the love of art don’t let your talent get wasted. Pick up your camera shoot something and see how the world reacts. Shaan-e-awadh is an initiative to explore young talent towards non-commercial film making. This festival is to promote those works of art that have not been able to make it to the big screen. ‘Sensible’ cinema is what actually the world needs now and that’s what is being sought. Take a step forward and submit yourself to see where you stand.

    You can register yourself through the three online portals: FilmFreewayFesthome, ClickforFestivals. Lucknow, don’t leave the opportunity that is knocking on your door take it and test yourself. So Lucknow buckle up for the fifth Shaan-e-awadh international film festival and register yourself before 25th September, just two weeks to go.

    The links to the online portals where you can easily register:

    1. FilmFreeway – https://filmfreeway.com/festival/SAIFF2017
    2. Festhome – https://filmmakers.festhome.com/f/3201
    3. ClickforFestivals – https://www.clickforfestivals.com/shaan-e-awadh-international-film-festival

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    Lucknow! You Don’t Follow Traffic Rules: Wake Up Now Or You’d Never.

    Lucknow has since forever been the land of nawabs, doing what one wishes to and not being under anyone’s supervision is exactly how the little nawabs are brought up here. With all its glory and reputation it’s something really hard for the so-called nawabs to swallow the bitter truth that, they are way oblivious to the term called ‘civic sense’. (I hope you know what civic sense is! You do, right?) Well, to be frank, it’s tried and tested getting things inside the boneheads of Lucknowites is one Herculean task. It’s great to see the city developing but, I feel sorry for the city, as it’s not gonna be of any use. With such level of ignorance on the roads, no metro or bullet train would be able to solve the problem. It’s high time for the people of Lucknow to jiggle their common sense and bring out their civic sense to use (i.e if they have any) because it matters.

    You won’t be rewarded for your lack of civic sense, try being sensible and follow the basic untold norms of the society. ‘Kar ke dekho achha lagta hai!’. This rant is solely dedicated to the audience of Lucknow for, they need special mention to get things through their thick brains. To say it in the desi language, “Bhai gaadi hai hawaa jahaaz nahi, to driver raho pilot na bano…Kya samjhe!!”

    1. FYI Lucknow, cars come with a safety device called ‘seatbelts’. They are there to save much more than just “CHAALAANS”.

    Ever paid attention to the straps next to the seats in your car? Well, unlike you, they are there for a reason. Well if you pull them across your chest and clip it in the hook on the other side of the seat, behind the handbrakes the setup becomes a life guard! (Just in case you did not know) See the thing is, they are there for your protection and not for decoration, better push off your laziness and use it or abandon your car and walk your way because knowing your awesome driving skills it’s a surety you might need it soon enough.

    2. Oh yes! good that you know about, the low and high beams feature of your vehicle. Try learning when to use them too.

    Using high beams inside the city! Like seriously. Well, you might not get the intensity of it but let me assure you, the fellow drivers do feel the intensity, to the limit of stopping their vehicle in the middle of the road and smashing that headlight of yours into your face. Maybe then, you would get how difficult it gets for other drivers to concentrate on the road with your headlight shining at them.

    3. Ever wondered why indicators were not made automatic? Well, because it needs a brain to indicate before turning.

    Like really!! What’s the use of you driving when you don’t even know when to indicate your turn. Indicating just before you turn..’Itna ehsaan bhi kyu kiya janab!’. Either learn how to drive on the roads without risking other people’s lives or, just give up the idea of driving completely, ‘Kyuki Tumse na ho payega!!’

    4. You know what, take a little longer U-turn than going the wrong side. Your bike won’t die of the excessive workout.

    You know what, driving on the wrong side to avoid taking the U-turn which is a bit ahead, is not at all sensible. Whats the use risking others’ lives while trying to save a bit of your petrol or time. Your life might not be of much importance to you but others’ have a life worth living. So, instead of trying to save your money try using your brain and take the proper U-turn.

    5. The Roads don’t need your ‘paan’ art. Try your artistic skill at your home instead, you might get your ‘Bharat Ratna’.

    We agree that Lucknow is full of talented people but show-casing the talent on the road is something disrespectful for your talent. So, try your paan-art at your home because, to be frank, no one is a fan of your art. Keep your shit in your house, the roads and the people don’t need to see how you are killing yourself.

    6. See at times, you need to recall the number system you studied in preschool, One-way means ONE-way, not TWO!!

    ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR… that’s how the number goes, do I need to remind you what it means because seeing the way you take the one-way signs on the roads, seems like you need to go to the preschool all over again. No? but you don’t know when the sign says one way it means the vehicles have to move in just one direction and not two.

    7. Lucknow has a lot of parking spaces. Try giving your vehicle a cozy place instead of those lavish roadsides where you love to park.

    Parking in the middle of the road!! have you ever wondered when you are busy enjoying your time in those shops people on the road are hurling all the possible abuses at you and waiting to beat the shit out of you once you are back!. If you don’t want to be seriously hurt someday try avoiding parking your vehicle in the middle of the road and make use of the parking lots.

    8. Your relatives may be very dear to you but unfortunately, not everyone’s interested in knowing that. Greet them once you’re off the road.

    This is something that irritates me to the last nerve, it’s the patience and upbringing that has stopped people from lodging in front of your vehicle and shout it out at your face, ‘Ghar nahi hai kya tere pass? vha kr lena mel milap! ye road hai bhai!!’. We are well aware that you have a lot of relatives whom you keep bumping in the middle of the road. Greet them, meet them, take them to your home only after you steer clear of the road.

    9. The roundabout is not a hurdle, it’s the damn path, you won’t lose your precious race if you follow the path!

    Come again! What’s that race you have participated in? No race? It doesn’t seem so!! The all-time hurry you are in, skipping traffic signals, flying over speed breakers and cutting through the roundabouts what are you trying to prove? Because despite all your efforts you reach late at your destinations, better follow what path has been set for easy movement than risking people’s lives.

    10. Pedestrians, Not So Innocent! Are You?

    Dear pedestrians, using sidewalks for walking won’t bring disgrace to you. What on earth, makes you avoid using the safe path and take a senseless stroll on the main road. Having an idea of your road sense, it really isn’t surprising to see you struggle your way across the road despite your super power to stop the speeding vehicles with just a gesture of your hand (seems like your powers are of no use). Next time, walk in the right lane or carry your first-aid with you for, you might end up needing it.

    11. Did You Know? People have eyes too! So, try giving your melodious horns some rest in packed traffic jams in the future!

    Ughhh!! Please STOP doing that. Are you an ignorant troop of baboons? When it’s clearly visible that the road in front is completely packed and the person standing in front of you can not move a bit to let you pass, what makes you blow the horn so fucking loudly? Do you intend to deafen the people around you? Or do you think your horn will make the mountains move? If nothing of such sort is on your mind then DON’T BLOW YOUR HORN, until needed of course.

    Seems like you are close to getting what is so clearly said in this and if still, you did not get what all the fuss is about then please go wash your face, sit and read it all again for you need it the most. Don’t make us come to conclude that we were barking up the wrong tree the whole time. Don’t be offended it’s just our way of saying things and if you are offended well, it’s none of our business. (Boo-Hoo)

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    18 Situations That Got Us Into Some Serious Trouble Back In School!!

    School days are the best days of one’s life. We have so many beautiful memories of our alma mater, some sweet some sour, but the blend of the two is actually the reason behind our smiles. Things that terrified the sh*t out of us then now make us laugh till we cry. We have collected some silly things that got us into some serious trouble then. Read along and share a laugh with us.

    1. Getting late for school (Bs Bhai Chauhan ma’am absent ho aaj)

    Be it winters or be it summers reaching school on time has always been a problem. Getting on our bicycles when we turned into mini-Usain Bolt and tried covering 2 km in 5 minutes, those were the days when we dreaded being late to school.

    2. Incomplete Notebooks (hain! copies kal hi check hongi?)

    Completing class notes to left out homework, it was something we gave the least importance to at times. But the real struggle began on the night before submission day, when we stayed up all night to complete the notebooks for nobody really liked holding arms over their heads in front of the whole class.

    3. Chaos in class (Bhai bahar dekhiyo Princie round pe to nahi hai!)

    The moment teacher left the class all kinds of chatter started. From pen fights to chalk fights the class turned into a war zone. Despite how much we enjoyed these fun breaks we all dreaded the thought of principal being on a round.

    4. Dirty uniform (Class se thodi chalk pakad le PT shoes chamkaane hain)

    Despite all the frail efforts of our mothers we never maintained our uniform clean, especially the P.T shoes. They always ended being dirty just before the P.T period and the inevitable wrath of the P.T teacher was all we could foresee.

    5. Not singing assembly hymns (6th se 10th mein agaye aaj tak yaad nahi hui)

    The fear of humiliation in front of the whole school made us sing the prayers in assembly. We never enjoyed singing all spiritual songs in groups so just to avoid being scolded all we did was lip-syncing the songs and not actually singing them.

    6. Un-informed leaves (Pet mein bohot tez headache tha ma’am)

    Taking days off of school was one thing we were all good at. Those sudden stomach aches and head aches were all just excuses for not going to school. But the real fear started when the next we had to appear before the principal and all we had for our protection was a fake leave application.

    7. Laughing when others were scolded (Inke sath yahi hona chahiye, Zyada hero bante hain!)

    The moment when you were not able to control your laughter while your friend was being scolded by the teacher and the terrible moment that followed when the teacher saw you laughing and you knew next was your turn.

    8. Chewing gum inside the classroom (Bol ab, who is the captain cool haan!)

    We all can still feel the fun we had when just to look cool in class we sat on the last bench and chewed gums in between the class. Though the best part was when the teacher asked us something and we couldn’t answer because obviously, we had gum in our mouths.

    9. Bringing ‘wo wali’ Magazines and CDs to exchange (because Dil Aashna hai! 😍 )

    The excitement of those teenage days when everything was so intresting… yarr share krna toh banta tha.. and the shame that followed when you were caught taking a peek at them sitting at the last bench. “ye toh hona hi tha” 😀

    10. For playing FLAMES on the back of every notebook (aree isse reasoning power badhti hai ma’am suniye toh!)

    Friends, Love, Affectionate, Marriage, Enemy or Sibling It was a forever fun game. Calculating who gets what and whose crush comes out to be their sibling was the funniest part. What followed all the giggling and pointing was the teacher checking the back of our copies and us standing outside of the class. But the happiness to have found you and your crush’s FLAMES calculator called for Love was ultimate.

    11. Eating lunch while class is going on! (aaloo ke paranthe the yarr! bachte hi nhi!)

    Umm still not guilty for this after all aaloo ke paranthe the vo!! We all know the feeling of little grumble in our stomachs in between the class when you did not have breakfast because of being late and your friend told you in the morning he has aaloo ke paranthe for lunch. not guilty even if caught!

    12. Writing stupid things on desks (sher apni territory mark karte hain)

    Writing down names inside hearts shapes engraved on the desks making good use of the compass. Secret initials of A+R in the sides. Despite all the strict orders from the teachers we still loved doing this. Afterall doodling was our favorite pass time.

    13. Using ball pen instead of ink pen (shirt ki jeb rang jaati hai yaar!)

    Ink pens are messy, Ink pens are smudgy, Ink pens are not waterproof and ink pens are not ball pens 🙂 We loved writing with ball pens despite the fact that our handwriting was spoilt because of them.

    14. Long nails, long hairs, and Low waist trousers such big problems (because fashion dude, KG me thode hain ab hm log)

    Well! this was the only way we could show some fashion in that boring uniform of ours plus it looked cool, though none of us enjoyed the sudden beatings we received by our teachers on Monday mornings especially after assembly.

    15. Sneaking mercury and magnets from the science labs (kyoki chori mein fun hai, adventure hai)

    Despite the fact that mercury is a very harmful element, playing with it was always fun and, the best part was stealing. Though being caught led directly to principal’s office.

    16. Trying to access “Special Websites” in the computer lab (because…you know why 😛 )

    Well, we are not to be blamed, having a personal laptop or cell phone wasn’t that common. Plus what else could we have done with our forever curious minds 😛

    17. When we used to roam in the whole school in the name of bringing chalks (are Tripatthi sir ne bheja hai chalk lene k liye, apne mann se thodi aaye hain)

    The one time when we all were too ready to do what the teacher asked was when we were asked to bring chalk from the staff room. Because that was when we got the real freedom of roaming around the school that too with the trump card that we were out for the class purpose.

    18. Skipping Saturday for Shaktimaan (because SHAKTIMAAN dude!)

    Oh! come on it was Shaktimaan plus we have forever supported the fact that Saturdays should be off. So we did it our way ignoring the but obvious scolding we had to receive on Monday.


    Every one of us has a notorious side and that’s what made our school life worth remembering. Akhir hum apni nadaniyo se hi toh famous the!! 😉

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    Lucknow Teacher Slaps A Kid 40 Times For Not Saying “Present, Ma’am”.

    In a pathetic video, that recently went viral on social networking sites, a female teacher is brutally beating up a child of class 3rd. Incident was from St. John Vianney High School, Lucknow where reportedly the child was bashed for he wasn’t paying attention at the time of attendance. The incident was recorded on the CCTV. It clearly shows how the teacher is hitting the child continuously in front of other students. Corporal punishment has been banned in India for some time now and such behavior is highly condemned.

    ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’ a very old saying which doesn’t rely on logic. Making children learn things by putting them under the fear of punishments is not something that moulds them. Corporal punishment induces fear and suppressed anger where the child is unable to express himself and as a result, stress becomes a part of the child’s personality. Corporal punishment has been banned in India for some time now and such behavior is highly condemned. Picking up a rod to train your kid is surely not the right way to make him learn. Beating, abusing, punishments in absurd uncomfortable positions is surely not going to make your kid learn what you want to.

    Some support such actions saying this is necessary for training the kids and getting them disciplined. Well, to people who still keep such thinking, beating a kid of such small age, just for the sake of them following some strict rules, can not only have the complete opposite impact on them but it can hamper their confidence forever. Corporal Punishment is surely not something that should be continued.

    The government of India has banned Corporal punishment and any such action by the teachers in the name of disciplinary action can lead to imprisonment. The students are free to report any such actions. It’s high time such disgusting people get punished for their inhumane behavior.

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    Lucknow Metro To Kick Start on 5th September. Are You Ready!!

    Rejoice Lucknow! The dream of travelling in Lucknow’s own metro is about to come true. On 5th September, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh along with the U.P Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, is going to inaugurate the Lucknow metro for the public marking a historical day. The Metro would run from Charbagh Railway Station to Transport Nagar covering a distance of 8.5 km.

    The Lucknow Metro Railway Corporation (LMRC) has announced the fairs for the metro ahead of its launch for the 23 km north-south corridor. For now a small part of the metro is into running from September 6th and the whole corridor once set up will run from Chaudhary Charan Singh (Amausi) Airport to Munshipulia covering a distance of 23 kms and crossing 7 stations. The fares given by the LMRC for this route is minimum 10 and maximum 60 rupees. The fares have been decided keeping the fares of other metros over the country in mind, along with the fares of other competitor transport options.

    The Lucknow metro will be available for the public use from 6th September. Unlike the common procedure of basing tickets for kids on the age factor, Lucknow Metros’s tickets will be given on the basis of height. The rule set up for this is that a kid who is below the height of 90 cm (2.9 feet) will be granted free ticket. The scale for height measurement will be present on the ticket counters to avoid any kind of confusion or inconvenience.

    The Lucknow metro has the provision of smart cards which would help the local commuters as well as tourists. Special full day cards for tourists are also availed for taking tour round the city. Get ready to take your first ever ride in the Metro of Nawabs. Go grab your ticket, be the first to go round in the city’s own metro.

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    12 General Perceptions About Lucknow and Lucknowites. How True They Are?

    Its human tendency to form`a perception upon seeing someone or something. We judge the person on our personal scales based on our likes and dislikes and rate them. Many times our this habit/tendency puts us at loss, for while judging others we fail to actually see who the person really is. Same is the condition with associating certain beliefs with cultures and areas in turn making the general misinterpreted perception of the place and its people.

    We bring to you certain false perceptions people have about Lucknowites. They are just not fair guys!!

    #1. Everyone has a political background.


    FALSE: Really!! despite how much we would love to claim power, this perception is totally against reality. The famous ‘Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare’ concept is funny yet not fully true. Well to be frank, we just enjoy boasting.

    2. You will find them always clad in traditional Kurta Pajama or suits.

    FALSE: Well so not true! Yes staying connected to the roots of our culture is something we love but adapting to the modern culture is something we are good at too. Rather some of the famous fashion designers have their roots in Lucknow.

    3. People of Lucknow are offended by the ‘tu’ dialect.


    TRUE: Bull’s eye guys. That is a 100% true fact. The ‘tu’ dialect is regarded as disrespectful and too harsh! The people of Lucknow have grown in this soft culture where respecting others is thought to be of utmost importance, and using ‘tu’, ‘tera’ doesn’t really suffice.

    4. Kebab is the definition of food for them.

    FALSE: Ahaa!! Yes, we are proud of our Awadhi cuisine and having the tasty kebabs such misconception can be expected but, we have the best vegetarian food too! try chole kulche… most of the Lucknow drools over them. So relax guys there is a lot of food for veggie lovers.

    5. They are these sweet bunch of people who almost always welcome you clad in all the ‘Lucknowi tehzeeb’.

    FALSE: Ahmm. You have got that totally wrong. ‘Tehzeeb’ is a very close part of this land but, sorry to say you really won’t enjoy meeting the Lucknowi people in person if you keep that ideology. A general hello with a side hug/ warm handshake is what you would really get. *cough*

    6. Lucknow is the home to the age old Royal Literature.

    TRUE: Lucknow being a home to the awadhi culture has since forever been a literary center. The Literature is celebrated here. The Lucknow Literature carnival is a great example for the love of Lucknow for its literature.

    7. The day begins and ends with adaab and salaam.

    FALSE: Misconceptions! Misconceptions! We are the same like any other folk! So a regular hello is what you would get to hear instead of the Adaab that you are expecting.

    8. Lucknow is the only developed city of UP.

    FALSE: Wrong here. Lucknow being the capital city shines out bright but don’t forget about Kanpur-commercial capital of UP, Allahabad-judicial capital of UP, Varanasi-Religious capital Of UP, Agra-Recreational capital and of course Noida-IT capital of the state.

    9. Paan is treated as a delicacy in Lucknow.

    TRUE: Well this is so true! Paan comes in so many different varieties and is actually treated as a delicacy in Lucknow. Be it chocolate paan or banarsi paan trying out every type is more like our responsiblity, after all we are the Nawabi descendants.

    10. Urdu is the only language entertained by people here.

    FALSE: NO! its a secular city people. People from all faiths live here together and that too peacefully. Urdu, however being a beautiful language and having a great past in this awadhi land is not lost completely but its not the only language flowing in Lucknow.

    11. Gazal is the only form of music we get.

    FALSE: Gazals are one of the most soothing forms of music and we completely adore it but its not that people in Lucknow don’t understand music apart from gazals. Coming to the taste of music you would come to meet people with such varied interests that might leave you bewildered.

    12. Almost every Lucknowite fancies a hookah at his place.

    TRUE: Not so wrong i would say. Hookah is one thing that links us to our nawabi culture and its true that every Lucknowite has surely at some time fancied a personal hookah. Because of the developing club culture of Lucknow most of the Cafes have a special place for hookah lovers.


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