9 Highly Useful Life Hacks That You Can Learn In Under A Minute!

Humans may argue about every teeny-tiny thing that might be conceivable but there is one thing that we all unanimously agree upon: Life is hard! So people are constantly looking for ways to work smarter, to get things done easily and efficiently! And constant efforts in this direct have led to discovery of several  hacks that might in making this very hard thing a tad bit simpler!

Here are 9 life-hacks to help you save time and increase efficiency:


1. The phone in a cup trick.

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Don’t we all love sleep? Yes, we do. And don’t we all hate alarms? Yes, we do. But what we also hate is sleeping in past the alarms and missing out on important stuff, to avoid that from happening put your cellphone in an empty glass before going to sleep. The sound reverberations will be amplified considerably to rouse the heavy sleeper in you.


2.The baking soda and peel hack.

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Find it cumbersome to peel off the outer shell off a boiled egg? Just add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water and it will come off without any effort.


3.Remember those contacts.

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You know how all the business cards we receive somehow over time mysteriously go missing and we have to go through the struggle of finding the contact details again.

Well here’s a simple solution, whenever you get one just take a snap of it with your cellphone. That way even if you lost it, you’ll have all the information.

4.Check if those batteries are okay.

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If you want to check some batteries for whether they have run out or still good to go just drop them on a table top from a height of approximately 6-7 inches, if they bounce once they are still good to use but if they bounce more than that, they probably have drained out or have at least started to.


5.Make that smile look genuine.

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Some of us have just that kind of smile you know…which no matter how genuinely we smile, it always looks a little strained. To avoid it you can try crinkling the corners of your eyes as you smile. This simple change makes the expression look more open and genuine.


6.The Color Coding hack.

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Have too many keys on that keychain? Can’t quickly identify which one is meant for what? Well easy, just paint the heads of the keys with different colored paints so that you can identify in a blink which key goes where.


7.Keep a track of your stuff.

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Have got friends who borrow a lot of stuff? So much so that you forget you lend what to who? It’s better to take a picture of the person along with the borrowed object, that way you will have the date, time and the name of the said object always available.


8.Make those collars look crisp and new.


Most houses have a straightening iron and why wouldn’t they? It’s a handy thing. What most don’t realize is that it can also be used to iron your collar. What’s best is you can even do it while wearing your shirt!

9.Blurry Headlights.


If the headlights of your car or bike have become hazy, use toothpaste to clean them, they’ll be shiny as new.

Easy and Effective, these hack will certain help in making every day work so much easier!

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