9 Annoying Yet Adorable Things Men Do In A Relationship.

Relationships are beautiful experiences full of highs and lows. It teaches us a lot of things with time, In order to keep the loved one happy, we keep changing and adjusting ourselves. Everyone has their own set of flaws… its just that some are accepted as they are while other’s are altered with time. Well here are some really annoying things boyfriends do… which are too adorable to be fully stopped.

#1. Feeling immensely proud by doing small tasks.

Be it hammering a nail or cleaning a small spot, boys get extremely proud of it… Well, we know you did it and yes we are proud of you too, but get over it.

#2. Putting arm across our waist in public to proclaim their territory.

PDA is surely cute… but guys don’t worry, we are not gonna run away with the next guy we see, and apart from that we are really proud to be with you. So, relax and don’t be too sticky. Though a little display of love in public is no harm.

#3. Getting all lovey-dovey in between a serious argument.

Well, its best if the argument gets resolved first… its not that, we don’t love the unexpected affection, but believe me it irritates us more than anything. As we actually like to reach a conclusion of the argument.

#4. Never too honest with the opinion on our dress.

It’s true that we like to be told that we are looking good, well who does not? But we would really appreciate if you told us the truth because we definitely don’t want to go outside looking like a clown. So, from next time try being honest. That’s what we really want to hear  .

#5. Constantly calling to know the whereabouts.

That’s such an adorable gesture, we know you care for our well being and you are concerned; yes we love that about you. But try to keep it a little cool guys. We are grown up girls and, much to your despair, we can actually take care of ourselves. We don’t need you to be our ‘Knight in Shining Armour’ but just be there for us when we need you the most.

#6. Messing our hairdo.

A complete ‘No’ for this guys. Even though it seems playful, don’t do this, it took us a long long time getting the hair done and it’s not so funny.

#7. Pulling our cheeks.

Its really great to know that you find us cute, but actually pulling onto our cheeks back to back, not such a great idea. Well,It hurts. A lot.

#8. Sleep off while talking on phone.

Well, its quite caring gesture that you keep talking to us despite being tired, but seriously its not that important to us that you are sacrificing your sleep over us. We too love sleep and understand how important it is. We do get irritated when you doze off while talking because we care for you. So, next time, just tell us that you are sleepy and doze off buddy!

#9. Getting all jealous.

Be it the guy next door, or a long lost male friend of ours, guys your jealousy is quite all over the place. Actually it’s great to know that you are so into us but sometimes its just not. We need you to trust us and give us our space. We respect your jealousy but guys, get a hold.

Dear men, we don’t want to change you, we really adore your these habits, it’s just we would love them even more if you alter them a little. 🙂

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