8 Things That Prove Lucknow Is No Less Than Any Metropolitan City.

Lucknow, love for this city is never ending and there are a great number of times the city has proven to be the gem it is. Here are some of the times the city has actually left its citizens in awe.

Lucknow, love for this city is never ending and there are a great number of times the city has proven to be the gem it is. The transformation of Lucknow has been so magnificent that it can not go unnoticed. People who have lived here for more than a decade are living proofs of the city being developed from ruins to reigns. Lucknow has made its name in the list of growing cities. Apart from just being the developing city, it has become an attraction to the youth. The city is flourishing in the trade sector too. The leaders have put major efforts in bringing the city to heights.

Here are some of the times the city has actually left its citizens in awe:

#1. Janeshwar Mishra Park

On 5th August 2014, this beauteous park was opened to the public. Claimed to be one of the 10 biggest parks of Asia, Janeshwar Mishra park has left everyone in awe. This beautiful park serves as a recreational center as well as is made in a way to serve home for the migrating birds.

#2. UP 100 Police

This initiative by the UP government has surely given the citizens something to applaud for, and Lucknow being the capital of the state has seen great efforts of the police service towards its people. This police service has proven to be so effective that every caller in distress is reached with help within 15 minutes in cities and 20 minutes in rural areas. This campaign is successfully spread in all the 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh.

#3. Metro

The metro project brought with itself a trail of excitement and surprise for the Lucknowites. The Metro construction has set a record of being developed within the time span of 2 years and 2 months which is a record in itself as nowhere a metro has ever been constructed with this speed. It is going on throughout the city presently.

#4. Women Helpline

Next, comes the women helpline chain, initiated by the Uttar Pradesh government for the protection of women from all kinds of harassments and ensure their safety. The move initiated in Uttar Pradesh is largely visible in Lucknow city. There have been many reports of successful carry forwards of this helpline number. The efforts of the women helpline have left people speechless.

#5. Gomti River Front

The riverfront project in Lucknow Is acting like an icing on the cake. The city has witnessed great projects and this one has gained the most recognition from the commoners. The city decorated with beautiful parks all over is yet again adorned with the beautiful river view garden, an attraction in the evenings showcasing the musical fountain has left the citizens stunned.

#6. Agra-Lucknow Expressway

Yet another project that has left the citizens flabbergasted is the Agra-Lucknow expressway that has been highly appreciated by the citizens as it reduces the distance of Lucknow to Agra to just 3 hours 30 minutes and is said to increase trade and business too. Its said to be the longest expressways of the country.

#7. International Cricket Stadium

Lucknow is growing at a great pace and the developments its going through has come to change the face of Lucknow completely and that too for the good and as a treat for the cricket fans… the international cricket stadium in Lucknow will be the second after the green park stadium in Kanpur. The much awaited international cricket stadium is in making.

#8. High Court

The new building of Lucknow high court has attracted a great deal of attention from the citizens of Lucknow. The building of the high court has yet another jaw dropping parking area which has the capacity to contain 3000 vehicles at a time. The iconic new building has left the people with just the feeling of being proud of the amazing city.

This city has never ceased to amaze the people and has proven to be one of the fastest growing cities. The city has gained so much recognition that it is from nowhere less than any metropolitan city.

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