8 Struggles Lucknow People Face Daily.

Lucknow the City of Nawabs, is a great hub for people of varied beliefs and cultures and everyday is not a fun day. We bring to you the daily hassles which do cause some trouble in the smooth running of our lives. These little problems despite causing hindrance in the smooth working are welcome relief from the other bigger issues of our lives.

1. When finding a maid in Lucknow is like finding a needle in a stalk of hay.

Okay! we are addressing the problem of century here! Having a maid in Lucknow is actually a luxury, because finding one is no less than a herculean task. Some would demand excessive money, while some would skip almost the whole month and take full pay, while some would be so dedicated to cleaning stuff that essentials too would be swiped off. If you are on a maid hunt in Lucknow, well then best wishes from us… you are gonna need it.

2. When you have to shut down your urge to have street food as you have ‘ghar ka khana’.

That is the real struggle!! Passing through the streets, inhaling the aroma of the world’s best fast food. Thinking of all the delicacies in menial prices. The real struggle begins when you have to control yourself from stopping at any street cart as you very well know that ‘ghar ka khana’ is with you. While in Lucknow you actually need to put an effort to stop yourself from daily eating the fast foods.

3. When you have to push your way through the overcrowded Aminabad just to buy cheap stuff.

Although overcrowded, the market of aminabad has everything from books to baggage, that too at very low prices. This market is a shopping hub for students as they get a lot of stuff under their budget and are able to save too. Shopping in Aminabad can be tiring but its worth every second!

4. When bargaining is just not your cup of tea.

Lucknow has a lot of markets and due to the high demand of the products the shop keepers try to loot the customers and the best way to escape this price over-hype is bargaining, and at which we usually suck! Well that is a trick not everyone is great at. Bargaining from the shopkeepers can prove to be a real scuffle.

5. Looking down a calendar before deciding menu for the party.

‘Mangal ko chicken!! Are you crazy!!’ a notion, people from Lucknow must be very familiar with. As the city celebrates  ‘Bada Mangal’ grandly, where people from all faiths come together to celebrate the day of Lord Hanuman. Having non veg food on Tuesday is more like a taboo. So control the urge to have non veg on Tuesday or shift the party date.

6. When you take a long detour just to avoid the jammed Ganj chauraha.

Of course! The traffic jam. Everyday is a scuffle because of this. The traffic at Ganj chauraha can prove to be very hectic and tiring at its a common thing for people to take longer detours to their destination just to avoid the Ganj traffic.

7. When you have to essentially recheck your helmet and DL before leaving home.

Traffic rules are of utmost importance in Lucknow. Driving without a helmet or license can lead to some trouble. So depite the discomfort , there is no harm in rechecking the essentials.

8. When you cannot decide which park to go to.

When feeling low and you want to take a stroll in the peaceful parks deciding which one to go to can be a task. Lucknow has a lot of beautiful parks but picking one of them well… not so easy!!

These little problems do make life a bit tough in Lucknow but that is the real essence of Lucknow. A little sweet, a little sour…aisa hi hai apna Lucknow.

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