8 Reasons That Make Lucknow A Must Visit City.

I came as a traveler and now this is my home!

Lucknow…Whatever you say is less for this mesmerizing city. The city’s authenticity is so high that it will leave you bewildered every single time. Call it the city of Nawabs or the City of Best Kebabs, one thing for sure it would never disappoint you. If you are a traveler this city should be a must-visit on your list. We bring to you certain reasons that make Lucknow a city not to be missed.

1. A city for all the foodies out there!

Lucknow is proud of the varieties of food that it has to offer and It actually never fails at it. From all-time snacks to stomach filling meals under budget, this lovely city has it all. You are going to love the varieties that it provides you with and as a cherry on the top Lucknow has its own specialties that you might not find anywhere else. Like the famous Paya ki nihari and Makhhan Malai.

2. The very famous embroidery styles.

Lucknow has been home to many cultural values and traditions and it has since forever carried the unique forms of art along with it. Ranging from the beautiful Zardozi to the world famous Chikankari. Lucknow surely has something that you can take back home.

3. The amazing festivals of the city.

There are a lot of festivals that keep happening throughout the year gives Lucknow its own air of amazingness. The Lucknow Literature Festival, Repertwahr, Great Northeastern Momo Fest, Lucknow Mahotsava and many more keep the city alive.

4. Historical spots that mark the Awadhi culture.

Lucknow has an air of Awadhi Culture and it is proud of it. If you are a curious soul, you are definitely going to get many interesting old days stories that can make your trip a successful one.

5. Fastest developing city of Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow is developing fast towards becoming a metropolitan city, with a number of new developments Lucknow. You are absolutely going to love it.

6. Beautiful parks

Parks are a major attraction in the city and you have to visit the city to actually feel the glory of the city. The vast stretched areas full of greenery give you boost to visit Lucknow. The city is a home to Asia’s largest park, Janeshwar Mishra Park. That is definitely something.

7. The spellbinding night view.

The city’s night view is surely going to give you the best of all time peaceful atmosphere. The places like Ambedkar Park, Riverfront, Marine drive etc give you the best places to have your peaceful evening walks.

8. The wonderful people.

Apart from all the other aspects, the city has the most amazing people, here the people are loaded with all the ‘tehzeeb’ and ‘tameez’. The people truly do justice with the ambiance of the city and needless to say the people here are definitely the type who would truly be happy to help.

So, give this city a try. You are gonna love it!

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