8 Hard-Hitting Truths Which Prove Lucknow Has Lost It’s Charm.

Lucknow has since always been the center for many elections propaganda. Every time a new government is elected it promises varied developments, upliftment etc. in Uttar Pradesh. Never has the basic problems of people been taken into consideration for this propaganda. The shining city is deteriorating from inside because of the utter ignorance by the leaders and the citizens. Lucknow has been rated to be one of the most polluted cities and this grave problem has barely ever been covered in any of the party’s propaganda list. What is the use of such promises which are of no real use to us even if they are fulfilled? We bring to you some of the major issues of Lucknow which are rather played down.

Air Pollution

The increasing number of vehicles on the roads of Lucknow and burning of garbage in open areas have majorly resulted in the vast air pollution of the city. Despite being covered in greenery Lucknow’s air is polluted and is causing problems to the citizen.

A clear example for the rising air pollution was the appearance of smog in Lucknow after Diwali. A mixture of smoke and fog, which hovered over the city marking the absence of fresh air, left the citizens with respiratory problems and an unknown fear. The problem is really grave and must be taken into consideration by the leaders.

Drainage Problem

The city is beautiful if looked at a glance, but on having a closer look the problem of drainage is something which is just not acceptable. The areas like Narahi and Dalibagh face this problem at large and it leaves the people with no option than living in those unhealthy environments. The municipality is not quite responsive leaving the citizens in distress.

Water Logging In Monsoon

The monsoon despite being the beautiful season is not so happily welcome in Lucknow, for it along with itself brings the blockage of the roads and the narrow lanes. The areas most affected are Chowk and Daliganj which face the water logging due to the absence of proper roads.

Impure Drinking Water

More than just a complaint its the basic necessity of the people. Many complaints have been put up requesting for basic Hawa-Paani but in return what is delivered in stinking yellowish water; which can prove to be very harmful to the health of the citizens. Areas of Indira Nagar and model house have had the problem of drinking water on for a very long time and their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

Traffic Jam

Due to the present metro construction, people are facing hour long jammed roads. Even the main areas like Hazratganj and Charbagh receive jammed pathways for pretty long time.This blockage of roads due to traffic is causing great inconvenience for the residents. Steps should be taken by the government for the proper management of the traffic.

Garbage Heaps Mismanagement

All over the city there are many areas which have mismanaged garbage heaps serving as center to many diseases. Not just the old down trodden areas even the posh areas are facing these problems. Areas like Mall Avenue, Gokhale Marg, Butler Road, Lawrence Terrance all depict the same story. The collected garbage is not picked by the municipality members on time.

Electricity Shortage

Despite the city being very well developed, there are certain areas who still face the problem of electricity. Electricity has become a great necessity and for the core development of the people and increase in their business, constant electricity supply is a need.

Inefficient Law Enforcement

To be regarded as one of the most prominent issues causing a hindrance in the proper working of the system is the lack of proper law enforcement in the city. The improper implication of traffic rules, unethical ways for application of the law. Wrong behavior on the part of police and carrying out of malpractices etc cause hindrance in the proper functioning of government, causing problems to the citizens.

Disregard For Civil Norms

Apart from just what the government does, the citizens too pose problems for each other and the government. The utter disregard for the social norms on the part of citizens poses a serious threat to the proper functioning of the government. No seriousness towards traffic rules, neglecting rules for late night loud music, unnecessary honking in the jammed areas. Such lack of civic sense among the citizens is a problem in itself.

For the development of Lucknow its necessary for the dual work of the government and the people. The system won’t be able to work even if one of the two is on loose. The Government and the people have to go hand in hand for the betterment of Lucknow.

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