8 Fears Of Indian Parents, They Never Wish To Come True.

The Love we receive from our parents is one unconditional unfathomable love. They care for us in the most unselfish manner anyone can imagine. This love comes in different forms from the parents and one of the forms is their fears of what would we do with our lives. We bring to you some of the most common fears of our parents which for them are no less than their worst nightmares.

#1. Log Kya Kahenge?

This is the godfather of all fears of our parents that, what would the society think. Any act you do, any step you take, any crap that even crosses your mind is to be passed by these ‘chaar log‘. Parents are so much obsessed with the concept of ‘chaar log’ that even you start wondering at times what might the societies’ reaction actually be.

#2. Kahin affair to nahi hai iska?

A big No! No! for the Indian families. This is something worse than the night mares for the parents that their children are into dating. The impact of crime shows on televisions is so strong that a lot of things come to the parent’s minds once they hear that their child is into some kind of relationship. The care and concern of our parents make them dread over the fact of their children getting all trapped.

#3. Khana banana nahi aata…Shadi kaise hogi iski!!

Parents are the best!! They just wish that we don’t face any of the problems they had to. So for them its like a great fault not knowing how to cook because it was an important criteria back at their time.

#4. Kuch zyada hi modern ho gaye hain bachhe!

One of the deadliest thoughts that crosses our parents minds is this. Because of this vast generation gap, at times its hard for them to see us working the changed way. No one is to be blamed for this as its totally fine for them to feel a bit tensed. 😛

#5. Ye mobile kahin barbaad na kr de..!!

Dealing with the new technology all at once and above that seeing their children getting obsessed with it can easily become a worry. Well the parent’s worry regarding this surely not be ignored completely.

#6. Kahin buri sangat me na pad jaye…

Well, this seems to be the most favorite of the worries of the parents. They care a lot about what kind of company do we have. They want us to be moulded in the best way possible and hence are worried about our choice of friends.

#7. Kya krega ye ladka aage.. padh hi nahi raha!

The biggest concern of our parents is our studies. We have our exam scheduled a month later and the one who seems to be most tensed about that are our parents. They work as our alarm clock, they would keep pushing us to study until the point where we finally give up and actually start studying.

#8. Itni umar ho gai hai kaun shaadi karega isse?

The worry of the millennium!! In the quest for wanting the best for us, parents ponder over the thoughts of our marriage and well worry a lot!! Even if we don’t get how important is it to get married before turning 30.

The little worries though irritating at times are actually just the love that our parents hold for us. Their every fear has our benefit as its base. We are disillusioned by the generation gap and take their fear to be problems for us. While, the story is totally different on their part.

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