8 Delicious Cups Of Hot Coffee To Welcome 2018 To Your Comfort Zone

Sitting in front of the computer screen, glancing through the New Year’s Eve plans of friends on Facebook, skipping every chance of partying my way out of 2017, I wonder what would make my 2018 New Year’s Eve different from any other, especially for a teetotaller like me.
New Year’s Eve parties are all about stepping into the first day of the year all sloshed, with little or no memory of the night and later spending the entire day hungover at home, making the best of the year’s first leave.

For the ones who like to sober it up and spend the eve snuggling inside their blankets, binging on their watchlist on Netflix, what could be better than ditching that tub of ice cream and savouring on some bittersweet steaming cup of coffee?  And no I am not talking about an ordinary cup of Cappuccino or the instant coffee mix.  So, put on your aprons and welcome 2018 with some hot cup of java with a twist.

Here are a few cuppa joes to accompany you till the end of 2017.

1) Salted Caramel Mocha-

Like I said, the list is all about coffee with a twist, hence this drink is a perfect blend of sweet and wait for it…salty! Whisk a cup of hot strong espresso with a tablespoon each of cocoa powder, sugar and caramel sauce.  Add a cup of hot boiling milk with froth and drizzle some caramel sauce on top. Sprinkle a pinch of salt and sugar and enjoy the year on a sweet and salty note.

2) Peppermint Mocha –

Want to jazz up those taste buds with some minty feels? This refreshingly hot and cool drink is the one you’ve been looking for.  Add some dark chocolate syrup and a drop of mint extract to ¼ cup of espresso. Bring some milk to boil and whisk along to make it frothy. Pour milk to the cup of coffee and enjoy the joyful ride.

3) Spicy Cinnamon Mocha-

Cinnamon is one of the spices that add zest to any concoction. To spice up your NYE coffee, add sugar, a dash of cinnamon and Indian chilli powder to steaming milk. Blend it with ¼ cup of espresso and add a few drops of vanilla extract to get the real kick of the flavour!

4) White Chocolate Coffee-

Who says no to the creamy and milky white chocolate and oh what a bliss when added to your favourite coffee! Here’s a little something for those who want the best of both the world. Heat milk and white choco-chips in a pan and whisk it until melted and smooth. Pour it to a ¼ cup of espresso and top it with some whipped cream and sprinkle a dash of powdered brown sugar. Voila!

5)Honey Spiced Latte-

Ditch that sugar and enjoy a cup of coffee blended with mixed spices and honey for that perfect aroma and taste. Simply add a pinch of honey, vanilla extract, cinnamon and nutmeg to your ¼ cup of espresso and fill it up with steaming hot milk. Oh what a thrill!

6) Steaming Mocha Cocoa-

The all time favourite of every coffee lover, mocha is a delight in itself. This drink is a wonderland for chocolate lovers and coffee just gives an extra excuse to indulge in a steaming hot cup. Heat a cup of milk and add 2 tablespoon of cocoa powder, sugar and 1 tablespoon of ground coffee. Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract and pour the hot drink in a cup.  Garnish it with marshmallow, drizzle some chocolate sauce and savour this chocolaty luxury.

7)Hot Lemony Coffee-

For all the black coffee lovers, here’s something new to add zing to your caffeine addiction. Add a tablespoon of sugar to a cup of strong coffee and let it simmer. Add a pinch of orange rind, few drops of orange juice and lemon juice each and stir till the sugar dissolves. Pour the mixture in a cup and top it with whipped cream and orange rind to garnish. Now that’s an intriguing taste.

8) Vanilla Café Latte-

The easy to make hot drink is perfect for that small cup of concoction after a dinner. One can skip the dessert and instead go for this drink.  Just add a teaspoon of vanilla essence and sugar to ¼ cup of hot espresso and fill it up with steaming hot milk. Top it with some froth, cinnamon powder or some grated white chocolate. Sweet!

Who says only alcohol can pump up your NYE? This New Year’s’ Eve, let coffee come to your rescue and enjoy the countdown to 2018 with your caffeine obsession. And why not invite some friends and show off your new coffee making skills. After all, a lot can happen over coffee! 😉

Let us know your favourite out of these. Happy New  Coffee and  A Happy Year.

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