7 Reasons Why Visiting A Forest Should Be The First Thing In Your To-Do List.

It’s always healthy to take a break from your mundane routine and travel to some new place. But if you can’t spare a few days, simply take out a few hours and visit a nearby forest. It’s time for a quick detox!

Here are some reasons why you should make a trip to the nearby forest-

1. Helps Combating Mental Stress:


Nature is the solution to every problem and being surrounded by nature brings down your stress level and also improves your mental health. Hence nature helps in better decision making.

2. Shout Out Your Anger:


Loaded up with frustration inside? Shout it all out! You can scream out all your anger in the forest to the universe, rather than bashing it out on a poor fellow.

3. Release The Creative Block:


The city life often kills the creative mind. Walk alongside the trees, feel them and let them inspire you. From the leaves to the broken twigs, everything in forest rekindles the dying artist.

4. Your Lungs Will Thank You:


The air we breathe is toxic and is the cause of countless health issues. The freshly prepared oxygen from the forests is what your lungs deserve once in a while.

5. Listen To Your Voice:


Lost in the clutches of the honking zones and the chitter chatter of the neighborhood, one fails to recognize his own voice. The deep silence of the forest will not only help you listen to your voice, but also give the ears their life back.

6. Lessons Not Taught In School:


There are some lessons which the school will never teach us; only the forest will. From the trunk of the tree to the puddles of the mud, they will all teach you lessons which will help you sail through life.

7. To Remind Yourself To Be Happy:


They say there’s magic in nature. The sunlight passing between the leaves, the gentle breeze touching your hair, the birds chirping with happiness and the tall trees by your side, they will teach you to stay happy and live your life fully. Okay that’s it!

So, it’s time we leave things in hands of nature and de-stress ourselves from the web of routine. Just keep a check on the snakes and the tiny insects. 😀

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