7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have A Muslim Best Friend!

“You need a shoulder to cry on or you need a hangout buddy. These lovely people are always present at your rescue. These people are the ones you can always rely on. Here are some of the reasons that makes them the wonderful people they are”

#1. Their ‘Tehzeeb’

Mannerism, if defined properly, it will be defined by them. The Tehzeeb is such an intrinsic part of these people, that even while talking to their close friends, it’s not forgotten.

#2. Well!! Best Biryani

Hungry? Are You? Well, need not worry if you have them around. Here you find the best homemade biryani with all the right ingredients. (bhai bhookh lagi hai….Chal bhai biryani khilata hu gar pe.)

#3. Their good nature.

Tehzeeb is surely an intricate part and so is their good nature. If you are a friend to them hardly you will ever see their bad side. Good nature is something you could always expect from them.

#4. Their Hospitality.

‘A friend of them? Most welcome’. These people have the biggest of the hearts and are always ready to make you comfortable and homely.

#5. Ok!Ok! not to forget their linguistics


If you are fond of the age-old words, the shayars and their shayaris, well then they are the best catch… Eloquent yet ineffable, their words win the hearts.

#6. Dedication!!

Fasting for one whole month, that too without water!! Well, that’s something that defines dedication. The whole month of Ramadan with full dedication without uttering a word against it.. is what is quite marveling in these people. Being a friend you definitely get to learn something.

#7. Sewaiyyan!

Just the name waters the mouth. This delicacy served at Eid is longed for by everyone. The recipe can be copied but the taste, well not really!!

Among the other innumerable reasons these were the most important one for describing the beautiful people they are.

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