7 Different Areas Of Lucknow And What Are They Famous For.

Lucknow, the city of Nawabs has a lot to offer. But the city can be confusing at times, if you are new then you really need to know what to find where. Else the city is no less than the labyrinth it boasts. So to save your time and keep you cool we bring to you the major markets of Lucknow and what they are famous for.


Known as the heart of the city, Hazratganj is the hub of all the branded show rooms; Known for its posh ambiance ganj welcomes overwhelming crowd mostly in the evenings. The main chauraha of Ganj is linked from four national highways. If you ever feel like taking a night stroll, no other place is as peaceful, safe and beautiful as Ganj.


The area next to Hazratganj basically famous for IT goods. This market is all about the hardware shops and repair centers. The area receives large crowd all day long. Apart from just being the hub of hardware stores, the place is also linked to the near by area of Lalbagh which fancies student hostels and famous food joints too.


Chauk market fancies the Purana Lucknow… famous for a lot of retail shops of handcrafted chikankari. Chauk is a hub for retail showrooms of chikan clothes. If you are on a hunt for colorful elegant clothes with chickan work then Chauk is exactly where you need to go.


One of the busiest markets of Gomti Nagar is a core place for the hangout cafes, restaurants and food joints. This place attracts people from all over Lucknow. The area has widely developed through the course of time. Maybe not the nawabi essence but surely you would get a touch of modernized Lucknow in this area.


This area of Lucknow city is the second largest locality in all of Asia, mainly known as best for residential purpose. If you need to buy or rent a property no other area is better than this. In the extended area of Indira Nagar comes the high court of Lucknow too.


Now known for the central bus station of the city, this area has since always been famous for the age old buildings it has been a home to. Famous historical parks as Residency are a part of this area and are a must visit.


Alambagh offers you great shopping experience. Here you get great quality clothes that too under budget. It was originally a market started by the resettlement people after the partition of the country. If you are a fan of non-veg food then this place has some seriously great biryani outlets. The feather in the hat of Alambagh is Phoenix Mall  In Alambagh there are a number of big jewelry showrooms, along with others.

These markets bring to you the best in the city. so, if you actually want to spend some time shopping then now you know where to find what. So, Go shop!!


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