5 Reasons Why “13 Reasons Why” Is An Absolute Waste Of Time.

13 reasons why became a worldwide phenomenon just a few days after it was aired on Netflix. People were amazed by the straightforward approach used by the production in tackling the problems of depression, anxiety, bullying, and was seen as revolutionary TV. A more responsible content dealing with real life issues rather than the normal boy- meets-girl drama! Everyone seems to sympathize with the central figure Hannah Baker, as she avenges the people who made her life miserable and pushed her to the limit where she took her own life!

And I can’t help but wonder if I’m the only one who thinks Hannah is nothing more than an attention seeking brat! 13 reasons why has been publicized as a responsible show that gives the viewer a look into the mostly troubled lives of teenagers. It was made with the aim to spread the message that “suicide is never an option in the words of executive producer Selena Gomez. But after binge watching the whole series, the only thing I took from the series is that suicide is the only option! This message is literally being shouted at you in every episode.

Here are my 5 reasons why 13 reasons why should not be your next binge-watch:


The show shouts the message that the girl gets revenge only after she commits suicide. Hannah Baker is a troubled young girl, who has the habit of making everything about herself! So throughout the series, we see Hannah pick up problems that are not even hers’ and make them the reasons to take her life! Even though Hannah is blessed with a stable house, loving parents, good grades and a bunch of people who can’t be called her friends but they do not necessarily make her life a miserable. But this is not enough for our poor little girl, she goes on pretending to be a victim in situations that are literally not about her! The best example of this is Jessica’s rape scene! So Hannah witnesses the entire incident and never bothered to a) stop it and b) tell anyone (not even Jessica) and then she had the audacity to say “this was more than what I can live with”. Ok, Hannah, but this is not about you!!!! For heaven’s sake, let this be about Jessica! Let her have it! And in the end, if she was so full of guilt why did she not utter a word about it? She did not even tell Jessica! Honestly, the least that could have done was to tell her parents and for once, crying out loud let the adults handle the situation!!


She lists a number of reasons for her suicide. One person to blame in each tape! Hannah’s reasons to kill herself are borderline stupid. They involve kissing a guy and a rumor being spread about the same. Another guy putting her in a stupid list as the best ass. Her best friend “leaving” her. Her poem being published anonymously in a school magazine and what not. Now not to seem like an insensitive bitch but these are the issues faced by every teenager ever.And if she felt so suffocated she should have talked to someone, if her teachers were not responding to her needs, she should have talked to her parents.Someone ! she should have at least hinted that she needed help! Instead, we see a girl bored with her life, blatantly blaming everyone for her death when the only person responsible for it all was her own self!


The show is said to tackle “bullying”. This is ironic because part of reason for Hannah’s suicide is bulling .And them we see her encourage the others do the exact same thing to Tyler for his ‘stalker ‘ tendencies.She asks them all to throw rocks at his window (cause that is the right way to deal with stalker!!). And Clay goes a step further to avenge his “lost love ” and circulated a nude photo of Tyler. Well done Hannah,you have successfully made a shy, awkward boy a bully!


Also, this is not the way depression, assault, and bullying should be depicted! Throughout the entire series, the only thing that is obvious is that Hannah only had power after she died.That there was no other option, no way out of the situation she was stuck in. It is, by all means, the glorification of suicide and mental illness. The main takeaway of the show is: being kind can save a life. But there have been statements by mental experts that a suicidal person is in need of professional help.Yes, kindness helps but it alone cannot save the life of the person.Also, completely blaming Hannah’s suicide on the classmates because they were not ‘kind” enough is absolutely absurd! So it won’t be wrong to say that 13 reasons why was not only a complete waste of time but is also quite dangerous for impressionable kids.

The show has been questioned for its graphic depiction of the suicide scene. A lot of mental health experts have come forward to call the scene extremely dangerous for kids going through something same in their lives. They have even gone out to call the scene a step by step guide to suicide!! I, for one, didn’t even bother to watch the suicide scene! It was too much even for me! So I can just imagine what it must be like for a depressed teen.
In the entire series the only thing that resonates is that if Hannah wanted to live, she could have lived! But she did not, not because of Clay Jensen, not because of Alex or Jessica or Justin or the entire f***ing universe, but because of only one person: Hannah herself!

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