People Who Are Making Lucknow Proud. Season 01. 2017

Lucknow is developing and so are its people. The city is famous for producing some amazingly talented individuals who are making big in their respective fields. From cookery to theatres, the city has every ingredient required to create a marvel!

Here are a few Lucknowites who came, conquered and continue winning hearts!

1. Pankaj Bhadouria.

Pankaj B

A school teacher who quit her job to pursue her dream, Pankaj Bhadouria won many hearts after winning the title of MasterChef India Season 1. The International celebrity chef from Lucknow continues to shine and amaze people with her impeccable culinary skills in her famous TV Cookery show Chef Pankaj Ka Zayka. She inspires housewives and aspiring chefs to level up their hobby of cookery with Pankaj Bhadouria Culinary Academy in Lucknow. It gets bigger and better! In such a short span of time, Pankaj has secured herself a name in every household and is admired by women across the nation for her passion and dedication towards food.

2. Ayush Singhal.

ayush DJ

Sensationalizing the town with his groovy beats, Lucknow’s magic box DJ Ayush Singhal aka Ravetek has revolutionized music for the city peeps! He recently performed with Lost Stories and NDS, a big name in the Electronic Music Industry. Working as a duo earlier, he played at grand stages like Sunburn,  etc. Recently, Ravetek made people dance to his tunes in the Tawang Festival. He is now coming up with a new collaboration which he is currently working on. Woah! Now that’s some talent!

3. Masto Baba. (Gaurav Srivastava)


A notable name in the world of Lucknow Theatre, Masto is a writer, director, actor and a poet who has actively contributed in promoting arts, literature and the entire theatre scene in Lucknow. Having directed and produced several plays in the past, Masto’s passion for art and literature lead to origin of Lucknow Book Club and his zeal towards life lead to the beginning of a beautiful socio-cultural community called Bewajah.

4. Himanshu Bajpayi.

Himanshu B

Carrying forward and reviving the art of Dastangoi, Himanshu Bajpayi is one of the most popular performers of this form of storytelling in Urdu. Hailing from Lucknow, Himanshu leaves his audience enthralled and spellbound with his love for the graceful language of Urdu and the city of Lucknow. A true Laknawi in every essence, Himanshu’s passion for art and poetry and of course Urdu, helped him gain immense popularity throughout the country.

5. Saurabh Yadav.

Saurabh Y
Indian In India

A stand up comedian, a very talented actor, director and a very good bathroom singer, Saurabh Yadav is just the right kind of entertainment package Lucknow could ever ask for. With his perfect comic timing and deep thirst for humour, Saurabh knows just how to keep his audience alive with laughter. Brace yourself Lucknow, the boss of wit and humour is here to tickle your funny bones and leave you ROFL with his next gig on 22nd of January at Madhouse Cafe and Bar.


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