20 Amazing And Funny Truck Quotes You Will Thank Us Later For!

Road trips in India are fun! So are they everywhere else too. Well, the “fun” we are talking about here is unique in its own sense. In India, there are trucks to entertain you during your road trips with their entertaining and amazing quotes.

They will have you rolling in the aisles with their innovative, hilarious and exclusively truck-y slogans or one-liners painted on the rear of the truck body. Often they are inspirational and heart-touching as well.

We have tried to compile some of these humorous quotes below for our readers. Here we go:

1. Dum Ho Toh Cross Kar, Warna Bardaasht Kar.

Watch Out! We have a Formula One champion ahead!

2. Do Not Follow Me. I Am Sunami.

It’s only we the freeks who keep asking you to “follow” us. Huh! Some will  WARN you Not to.

3. Malik Ki Gaadi, Driver Ka Paseena! Chalti Hai Road Pe Bann Ke Haseena!

You are seeing three characters in the story. But the effortless winner, as usual, is The Haseena!

4. Aati Kya Khandala?

The one planning and flirting for romantic khandala dates. All.The.Time.

5. In Trust We God.

Well, we have people who trolled Shashi Tharoor for his “Hi-Tech” English few days back. What an Exasperated Farrago!

6. Put Deeper At Night.

That’s just a typo, ok? Not everything has to be seen through the lens of double meaning, X-rated humour. Grow up, you filthy minded fellas!

7. Aaye Din Bahaar Ke. . .

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” No, don’t blame us, your favorite, Robin Williams says so.

Mitrooon, Bahaar is here! Let’s give some cheer (For our Raaju Banna)!

8. Has Mat Pagli, Pyaar Ho Jayega!

Philophobia is something one shouldn’t make joke of! Stop smiling baby; it will have serious far-reaching consequences.

Moreover, it’s Dhandha time! In case you didn’t notice.

9. Kunwara Staff.

Ahem! Some will indicate towards the underrated-unseen perks of being single. Let’s face it.

Also, interested ‘candidates’, opportunity might be knocking at your doors. You never know!

10. Buri Nazar Wale Tera Muh Kala…

Admit it. We Indians have a thing about “Buri Nazar” and we never wanna get rid of it. Because, Nani-Dadi maa love!

11. Buri Nazar Wale Pakistan Chala Ja…

Love me or Leave for thy neighbor! Deal? Deal.

12. Buri Nazar Wale, Nasbandi Kara Le…

Have you heard about killing two birds with one stone? Yes, there you are.

13. Dushmanon Ki Dil Ki Dhadkan!

Woah! Here is the one which will take you back to your all time favorite Bollywood dialogues from your forever favorite movie “Tirangaa”.

“Jo bhaari na ho…wo dushmani hi kya” (If it ain’t heavy…then that enmity is not great).

14. That Impassioned Shayar I Met On The Road.

Sorry, we are facing a 100%  dead air right now! Mute.

15. Zara Kam Pi Meri Rani, Bahut Mehnga Hai Iran Ka Pani.

The Economics-graduate Trucker!

16. The Obsessed Cigarette Smoker.

Mere Paas Cigarette hai!

17. AAP Party Ki Speed Se Na Chalein, Warna. . .

Blah! When you are regretting that you voted for Aam Aadmi Party and want to give the world a message too.

18. Saajan, Ghar Kab Aaoge?

One of the most common quotes and perhaps the oldest one too. More than the pinch of comedy it has a splash of love.

Come soon…someone is waiting for you at Home!

19. Maa Ka Aashirwaad!

Mere paas Maa ka aashirwaad hai!

The Love that surpasses all!

20. Lucknow Waalon, Kaan Khol Kar Sunn Lo:

And here’s some extra cheese in the Pizza for Lucknowites.

(The subject matter is purely a satire. No intentions to offend anyone.)

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