18 Situations That Got Us Into Some Serious Trouble Back In School!!

School days are the best days of one’s life. We have so many beautiful memories of our alma mater, some sweet some sour, but the blend of the two is actually the reason behind our smiles. Things that terrified the sh*t out of us then now make us laugh till we cry. We have collected some silly things that got us into some serious trouble then. Read along and share a laugh with us.

1. Getting late for school (Bs Bhai Chauhan ma’am absent ho aaj)

Be it winters or be it summers reaching school on time has always been a problem. Getting on our bicycles when we turned into mini-Usain Bolt and tried covering 2 km in 5 minutes, those were the days when we dreaded being late to school.

2. Incomplete Notebooks (hain! copies kal hi check hongi?)

Completing class notes to left out homework, it was something we gave the least importance to at times. But the real struggle began on the night before submission day, when we stayed up all night to complete the notebooks for nobody really liked holding arms over their heads in front of the whole class.

3. Chaos in class (Bhai bahar dekhiyo Princie round pe to nahi hai!)

The moment teacher left the class all kinds of chatter started. From pen fights to chalk fights the class turned into a war zone. Despite how much we enjoyed these fun breaks we all dreaded the thought of principal being on a round.

4. Dirty uniform (Class se thodi chalk pakad le PT shoes chamkaane hain)

Despite all the frail efforts of our mothers we never maintained our uniform clean, especially the P.T shoes. They always ended being dirty just before the P.T period and the inevitable wrath of the P.T teacher was all we could foresee.

5. Not singing assembly hymns (6th se 10th mein agaye aaj tak yaad nahi hui)

The fear of humiliation in front of the whole school made us sing the prayers in assembly. We never enjoyed singing all spiritual songs in groups so just to avoid being scolded all we did was lip-syncing the songs and not actually singing them.

6. Un-informed leaves (Pet mein bohot tez headache tha ma’am)

Taking days off of school was one thing we were all good at. Those sudden stomach aches and head aches were all just excuses for not going to school. But the real fear started when the next we had to appear before the principal and all we had for our protection was a fake leave application.

7. Laughing when others were scolded (Inke sath yahi hona chahiye, Zyada hero bante hain!)

The moment when you were not able to control your laughter while your friend was being scolded by the teacher and the terrible moment that followed when the teacher saw you laughing and you knew next was your turn.

8. Chewing gum inside the classroom (Bol ab, who is the captain cool haan!)

We all can still feel the fun we had when just to look cool in class we sat on the last bench and chewed gums in between the class. Though the best part was when the teacher asked us something and we couldn’t answer because obviously, we had gum in our mouths.

9. Bringing ‘wo wali’ Magazines and CDs to exchange (because Dil Aashna hai! 😍 )

The excitement of those teenage days when everything was so intresting… yarr share krna toh banta tha.. and the shame that followed when you were caught taking a peek at them sitting at the last bench. “ye toh hona hi tha” 😀

10. For playing FLAMES on the back of every notebook (aree isse reasoning power badhti hai ma’am suniye toh!)

Friends, Love, Affectionate, Marriage, Enemy or Sibling It was a forever fun game. Calculating who gets what and whose crush comes out to be their sibling was the funniest part. What followed all the giggling and pointing was the teacher checking the back of our copies and us standing outside of the class. But the happiness to have found you and your crush’s FLAMES calculator called for Love was ultimate.

11. Eating lunch while class is going on! (aaloo ke paranthe the yarr! bachte hi nhi!)

Umm still not guilty for this after all aaloo ke paranthe the vo!! We all know the feeling of little grumble in our stomachs in between the class when you did not have breakfast because of being late and your friend told you in the morning he has aaloo ke paranthe for lunch. not guilty even if caught!

12. Writing stupid things on desks (sher apni territory mark karte hain)

Writing down names inside hearts shapes engraved on the desks making good use of the compass. Secret initials of A+R in the sides. Despite all the strict orders from the teachers we still loved doing this. Afterall doodling was our favorite pass time.

13. Using ball pen instead of ink pen (shirt ki jeb rang jaati hai yaar!)

Ink pens are messy, Ink pens are smudgy, Ink pens are not waterproof and ink pens are not ball pens 🙂 We loved writing with ball pens despite the fact that our handwriting was spoilt because of them.

14. Long nails, long hairs, and Low waist trousers such big problems (because fashion dude, KG me thode hain ab hm log)

Well! this was the only way we could show some fashion in that boring uniform of ours plus it looked cool, though none of us enjoyed the sudden beatings we received by our teachers on Monday mornings especially after assembly.

15. Sneaking mercury and magnets from the science labs (kyoki chori mein fun hai, adventure hai)

Despite the fact that mercury is a very harmful element, playing with it was always fun and, the best part was stealing. Though being caught led directly to principal’s office.

16. Trying to access “Special Websites” in the computer lab (because…you know why 😛 )

Well, we are not to be blamed, having a personal laptop or cell phone wasn’t that common. Plus what else could we have done with our forever curious minds 😛

17. When we used to roam in the whole school in the name of bringing chalks (are Tripatthi sir ne bheja hai chalk lene k liye, apne mann se thodi aaye hain)

The one time when we all were too ready to do what the teacher asked was when we were asked to bring chalk from the staff room. Because that was when we got the real freedom of roaming around the school that too with the trump card that we were out for the class purpose.

18. Skipping Saturday for Shaktimaan (because SHAKTIMAAN dude!)

Oh! come on it was Shaktimaan plus we have forever supported the fact that Saturdays should be off. So we did it our way ignoring the but obvious scolding we had to receive on Monday.


Every one of us has a notorious side and that’s what made our school life worth remembering. Akhir hum apni nadaniyo se hi toh famous the!! 😉

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