15 Interesting Dining Rituals You Should Know Before You Put On Your Travelling Pants.

When it boils down to eating food, it is not a simple matter! There are various dining rituals and manners around the world that will leave you in wonder.

It is very crucial to know the dining customs of any place to avoid any faux pas. Polishing the food off your plate in one culture means just the opposite of doing the same thing in another culture. Using a fork to eat food can title you as being rude. Who knew, dining was so complicated?

Well, here are 15 interesting dining rituals from around the world that you should know about:

In China, the noodles are kept long to signify long life. So, when inviting Chinese guests over never cut your noodles short.


In France, eat your meals leisurely. If you rush through your meal, it is considered as being rude to the host.


In Japan, avoid leaving your chopsticks sticking straight up in your food. To Japanese it is done to make an offering to the expired person.

If you do it during a meal in a restaurant it simply means that you are cursing the owner.


In Thailand, never use the fork to put food in your mouth. It is considered rude to do so. Use the fork to put the food on a spoon instead!


In South Korea, it is considered polite to not start eating at the table till the oldest person grabs a bite first.

South Korea

In India and Japan, it is a compliment to the host if you eat everything off your platter.

It means that you have relished the delicious meal!

India and Japan

In China, if you finish off everything on your plate, it is taken an insult to the host.

It means that you were not fed enough by the host.


In the Middle East, always use your right hand to eat food.

If you a left handed person, still try using your right hand for a change!

Middle East

In Britain, avoid touching the inner sides of your cup while stirring tea with a spoon. The clinking sound may brand you as impolite.


In Tanzania, it is rude if you turn up for dinner at your host’s place bang on time!

Try to make it at least half an hour late or risk being taken as a rude person!


In Russia, have your Russian Vodka neat. If you add ice or anything else in your drink it is considered an insult to the Vodka.

Yeah, they take their cheers too seriously.


In Italy, if you order a Cappuccino in the afternoon hours, people will take you as a tourist.

Okay, bring on one, we say!


In Sweden, an invitation to a dinner party is nothing short of a time test. You are supposed to arrive for dinner exactly on time- not a minute late or a minute earlier.

Now that’s a tough party to go to!


In Italy, it is considered bizarre to mix your seafood with any cheese. Guess, they keep it exclusively for yummy pizzas!


In Mexico, do not use cutlery to eat tacos or run the risk of being branded as a snob!


It’s good to know these dining rituals before you visit any of these places. Isn’t it? If want to share any more of them with us, feel free to do so. Happy dining!

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