13 Times Auto Correct Failed While Leaving Us In A Pack Of LOLs And ROFLs.

We certainly use technology for connecting with our friends and family and many times this technology puts us down into stress. Technology has its own way of dealing with the stressors it provides. As we have the maximum of our conversations over texts, most of us must have come across the infamous auto-correct fails, where we meant something but auto-correct made us sound completely different and at points even insane!! If you have a smart phone Beware! of the autocorrect it has the true potential of turning a lovely conversation into your worst nightmare. We here have some hilarious blunders caused by auto correct. Which will make you go ROFL!!

P.S Don’t blame us if your stomach hurts after seeing these

#1. Are you sure you are ordering that!! ROFL.

#2. Racist Auto-Correct!! LMAO.

#3. Thank Heavens!! You sold the right thing.

#4. Well!! That’s Deadly… LOL.

#5. Hahahaha!! At least the gorillas must be happy.

#6. The thought is quite Ewww!!

#7. Ohhoho!! You do have a great companion. hahaha LOL.

#8. Long live the Husband!! Hahaha.

#9. Uh-oh! Someone’s in trouble.

#10. Auto-correct will surely get someone killed!! LOL.

#11. Savage Auto-correct!!

#12. Wait! Where you have What??

#13. Careful with your words!! ROFL.

The auto correct has this habit of bringing a laugh-out-loud moment in our otherwise dull lives. Though irritating at times auto-correct is not bad all together. Keep auto correct alive and keep sharing these little light moment. Long Live Auto-correct!! LOL.

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