12 Popular Vinod Khanna Movies To Remember His Legacy.

After weeks of rumors, the fear of Losing Vinod Khanna is our reality now. He was suffering from Bladder Cancer. A picture from the hospital went viral, a couple of weeks back, after that son Akshay Khanna responded that He is responding well to the meds.  The veteran actor, Vinod Khanna took his last breath today on April 27th. The Man among the heroes. The Hulk among the puny gods. The man who had set the goals for acting and good looks in Bollywood.

We are compiling a list of 12 of his movies which made him our superstar: 

1. Amar Akbar Anthony (1977)

Amar Akbar Anthony
Amar Akbar Anthony

Three brothers, Amar (Vinod Khanna), Akbar (Rishi Kapoor), Anthony (Amitabh Bachchan) lost in their early childhood and were raised in different religious households. They reunite after many years. Now it is their turn to avenge their family against the culprits.

2. Muqaddar Ka Sikandar (1978)

Muqaddar Ka Sikandar
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Produced and Directed by Prakash Mehra, this movie was the third biggest after the Sholay and Bobby. The crowd went crazy for this film of Vinod Khanna that they slept outside cinema halls to be the fist in line for tickets to next day’s show.

3. Chandni (1989)


Two men Lalit (Vinod Khanna) and Rohit (Rishi Kapoor) falling for the same girl and being good friends as well. This movie showed a perfect love triangle complications with a pinch of Bollywood masala.

4. The Burning Train (1980)

The Burning Train.

Directed by R. Chopra and Produced by B.R Chopra, The Burning Train was a multi starer thriller film. Vinod Khanna played the role of a senior railway engineer in this film. This action pact film revolves around a train which catches huge fire on its way to Mumbai from Delhi.

5. Hera Pheri (1976)

Hera Pheri
Hera Pheri

Best friends Vijay and Ajay (Amitabh and Vinod) who are one of the best cons in town. Another Crime Comedy turned thriller drama movie by Prakash Mehra is one of the finest and most entertaining movies of that era.

6. Parvarish (1977)


How the upbringing of a child has nothing to do with the fact that the child belongs to an underworld don is portrayed perfectly in this thriller Bollywood featured film. The film was one of fourth most grossing film at the box office in 1977.

7. Qurbani (1980)


Adaption of an Italian movie “The Master Touch”, Qurbani was produced and directed by Firoze Khan.

8. Dayavan (1988)


A remake of  Tamil movie Nayagan, this feature film was also directed by Veteran Actor Feroze Khan. Vinod Khanna played the role of character Shakti Vellu AKA Dayawan.

9. Mere Apne (1971)

Mere Apne
Mere Apne

This Movie was Gulzar’s directorial debut and the remake of Bengali film Apanjan. The Iconic Shyam and Chenu dialogue is from this movie where two groups led by Shyam (Vinod Khanna) and Chenu (Shatrughan Sinha) are rivals and in constant fighting.

10. Gaddar (1973)


Film Gaddar, portrays the honor, betrayal and honesty among thieves. These thieves are trying to find the traitor in their group who made off with their big robbery. Vinod Khanna played the role of a character named Raja who is an interloper to the gang.

11. Aarop (1974)


Three friends, a teacher, a newspaper editor and a lawyer who is a poet also. Their love and lives put them in a conflicting situation. Subhash (Vinod Khanna) is the protagonist of this feature film.

And. . .

12. Mera Gaanv Mera Desh (1971)

Mera Ganv Mera Desh

When every main stream Bollywood hero was very conscious about their image in reel life, Vinod Khana played the role of a villain in this one with Dharmendra as the lead star. He was very appreciated for the role of Dacoit Jabbar Singh.

“Every Hindi cinema lover is going to miss Iconic Inspecter Amar.”


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