12 General Perceptions About Lucknow and Lucknowites. How True They Are?

Its human tendency to form`a perception upon seeing someone or something. We judge the person on our personal scales based on our likes and dislikes and rate them. Many times our this habit/tendency puts us at loss, for while judging others we fail to actually see who the person really is. Same is the condition with associating certain beliefs with cultures and areas in turn making the general misinterpreted perception of the place and its people.

We bring to you certain false perceptions people have about Lucknowites. They are just not fair guys!!

#1. Everyone has a political background.


FALSE: Really!! despite how much we would love to claim power, this perception is totally against reality. The famous ‘Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare’ concept is funny yet not fully true. Well to be frank, we just enjoy boasting.

2. You will find them always clad in traditional Kurta Pajama or suits.

FALSE: Well so not true! Yes staying connected to the roots of our culture is something we love but adapting to the modern culture is something we are good at too. Rather some of the famous fashion designers have their roots in Lucknow.

3. People of Lucknow are offended by the ‘tu’ dialect.


TRUE: Bull’s eye guys. That is a 100% true fact. The ‘tu’ dialect is regarded as disrespectful and too harsh! The people of Lucknow have grown in this soft culture where respecting others is thought to be of utmost importance, and using ‘tu’, ‘tera’ doesn’t really suffice.

4. Kebab is the definition of food for them.

FALSE: Ahaa!! Yes, we are proud of our Awadhi cuisine and having the tasty kebabs such misconception can be expected but, we have the best vegetarian food too! try chole kulche… most of the Lucknow drools over them. So relax guys there is a lot of food for veggie lovers.

5. They are these sweet bunch of people who almost always welcome you clad in all the ‘Lucknowi tehzeeb’.

FALSE: Ahmm. You have got that totally wrong. ‘Tehzeeb’ is a very close part of this land but, sorry to say you really won’t enjoy meeting the Lucknowi people in person if you keep that ideology. A general hello with a side hug/ warm handshake is what you would really get. *cough*

6. Lucknow is the home to the age old Royal Literature.

TRUE: Lucknow being a home to the awadhi culture has since forever been a literary center. The Literature is celebrated here. The Lucknow Literature carnival is a great example for the love of Lucknow for its literature.

7. The day begins and ends with adaab and salaam.

FALSE: Misconceptions! Misconceptions! We are the same like any other folk! So a regular hello is what you would get to hear instead of the Adaab that you are expecting.

8. Lucknow is the only developed city of UP.

FALSE: Wrong here. Lucknow being the capital city shines out bright but don’t forget about Kanpur-commercial capital of UP, Allahabad-judicial capital of UP, Varanasi-Religious capital Of UP, Agra-Recreational capital and of course Noida-IT capital of the state.

9. Paan is treated as a delicacy in Lucknow.

TRUE: Well this is so true! Paan comes in so many different varieties and is actually treated as a delicacy in Lucknow. Be it chocolate paan or banarsi paan trying out every type is more like our responsiblity, after all we are the Nawabi descendants.

10. Urdu is the only language entertained by people here.

FALSE: NO! its a secular city people. People from all faiths live here together and that too peacefully. Urdu, however being a beautiful language and having a great past in this awadhi land is not lost completely but its not the only language flowing in Lucknow.

11. Gazal is the only form of music we get.

FALSE: Gazals are one of the most soothing forms of music and we completely adore it but its not that people in Lucknow don’t understand music apart from gazals. Coming to the taste of music you would come to meet people with such varied interests that might leave you bewildered.

12. Almost every Lucknowite fancies a hookah at his place.

TRUE: Not so wrong i would say. Hookah is one thing that links us to our nawabi culture and its true that every Lucknowite has surely at some time fancied a personal hookah. Because of the developing club culture of Lucknow most of the Cafes have a special place for hookah lovers.

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