12 Fun Things To Do On These Summer Vacations!

Well! Well! Well! The vacations have started and are on a roll right now. These are the most awaited time of the year. The whole year passes while we keep procrastinating things saying to ourselves,” I will do it in holidays”. Well, it seems holidays are actually here and we are not yet decided on what to do… Grab a hold, people. The holidays are flying away and we are wasting the most precious time of the year. Here we have some options you can opt from and make these vacations way more fun and productive.

#1. Do It Yourself (DIY) projects.

There are many things one can do in these long vacations. Probably the best way to do so is to make some cool home decorating items, be it wall hangings, table lamps or waste paper baskets, making anything useful will give you immense pleasure and will keep you busy. Not just useful you can spend your time having fun too, use internet for making the best card and board games and have fun!!

#2. Learn to cook.

What can be better than food when it comes to uplifting one’s mood? Try cooking these summers, it can be both fun and adventure for you. Usual cooking may come out to be boring, give a try to the different cuisines and leave you mother wondering what did you actually do with her kitchen? 😉

#3. Learn to drive.

This calls for necessity. Driving can introduce you to a whole new experience. Go out. Learn to drive. Feel free. Driving brings along with itself a great deal of responsibilities, so get yourself prepared for holding the wheel this vacation.

#4. Go Travelling.

Give your vacations a twist this year. Take yourself to some new place and relax. Take a break and get refreshed. Use these vacations to the fullest and run wild and carefree. So guys pack your bags and get ready to fly.

#5.  Go Green. GO Gardening.

It’s never wrong to pay back for what you have got. Gardening can prove to be best time pass. Select your favorite plant/plants and place it in your garden, take care of it, water it daily and provide manure. Watch your plant grow. Learn the facts about your plant and note down what conditions would be the best to suit its growth. Give your garden a makeover while taking care of the plants.

#6. Volunteer at an NGO.

Being productive can be your agenda this year. Join any NGO and support the good cause. Try being helpful to the community and earn peace. Take initiative, it can prove to be fun and at the same time gratifying. Be it going out in protest rallies or teaching in slums, it can be pleasurable and helpful together. This would help you have some extra curricular activities building up your personalities at the same time helping the needy too.

#7. Re-decorate your room.

Give your room a make over, try changing those dull colors giving your walls a feel of you. Chose your room’s theme and set it accordingly. Make it the ‘Sweet House Of  Your Dreams’ or give it the ‘Spooky Effect’ you always wanted. Its your room… Claim it.

#8. Organize a house party.

Planning and hosting a party is too much of work, well that’s what we are looking for. We have ample of time and whats the other best way to catch up with your friends and relatives. Organize a house party, invite friends and family, arrange the best food or better cook it, accompany it with soothing music and have a great party. It surely will consume a lot of your time and leave you with some sweet memories.

#9. Work to shape up your hobby.

Be it reading, writing, singing or travelling, you finally have time to shape up your hobby. Invest these golden days in giving your hobbies some meaning, who knows these hobbies give your future a different approach.

#10. Try Yoga. Stay fit.

The most procrastinated activity is on the list. Finally, we actually have time to take care of ourselves, and rid our body of all those aches. This vacation try yoga and keep yourself fit. Nothing can be more refreshing than an early morning yoga. Get re-energized.

#11. Start writing daily dairy.

Writing daily diary can come out to be very interesting. It’s a great habit to write down the daily events it makes you more aware of your surroundings at the same time it can be a source for wonderful memories.

#12. Catch up with your friends.

With our busy lives, hardly do we get the time to stay connected to our friends. This vacations take out time to catch up with your long lost friends and have a get together. Go down the memory lane with your buddies and rekindle the past.

So, these were some ideas which would definitely make your holidays count. Happy Holidays!!

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