12 Creepy Dialogues By The Bad Guys Of Bollywood!

We may love to hate them but we’ve got to admit that a typical Bollywood masaledar flick is incomplete without a bad-ass villain. From creepy to downright evil, these rowdy ruffians add the much needed thrill in the movie.

So what is the recipe for a ‘perfect Bollywood villain?’ Utterly cruel intentions mixed with vaguely justified hatred against the hero (or the entire nation!!) and of course some really cool, really witty, really terrifying and sometimes really weird dialogues.

Here are a few creepiest, strangest and most nonsensical things ever spoken by the bad guys of Bollywood.

1. Worst diet plan ever!

meme dial

Movie – China Gate.

2. Danger level-inexplicable!

Sheeshey se pathar ko todta hu

Movie – Sautan.

3. A very serious social issue perhaps.

Nanga Nahayega Kya

Movie – Dulhe Raja. 

4. Oh no….he didn’t!

Jaha dekhi laundiya

Movie – Musafir.

5. Well…okay!

Kya cheez cut piece

Movie – Janam Samjha Karo.

6. The most lovable bad-ass ever!


Movie – Andaaz Apna Apna.

7. Logical question…NEH!

Sabki izzat

Movie – Jaani Dushman.

8. A much needed improvisation.

batti bujha kr kapde badalte

Movie – Sautan.


Pathar nahi feka karte

Movie – Waqt.

9. Yup…that’s exactly what love is all about.

Pyar bahut badi googly

Movie – Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara.

10. Sex-education classes missed out this one!

sex and chocolate

Movie – Musafir.

11. No..thanks.

khayega kela

Movie – Gunda.

12. Ah…them innuendos!

bulla final

Movie – Gunda.

So which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section!

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