10 Tricks Chefs Employ For Easier and Better Cooking That You Can Use Too.

Ever wondered what professional chefs do that makes those restaurant dishes so yummy? Well, you would need a lot of training to cook most of the dishes that they make. But there are some tips that you can definitely use to make your cooking better and easier.

Here are 10 tricks that professional chefs employ for easier and better cooking that you can use in your kitchen too.


1. Add herbs while boiling potatoes.

When you are boiling potatoes (whole or sliced), add a bunch of fresh herbs to the water. Best way is to tie the herbs like rosemary or thyme with butcher’s twine so that you can remove them later without fuss.


The herbs will infuse a gentle flavor to the potatoes which you will love!


2. Chopsticks for scrambled egg.


Use chopsticks instead of wooden spatula to make scrambled eggs. The tips of chopsticks help in breaking the eggs into soft parts easily. They are great for your non stick pan too!


3. Season it the right way.


While seasoning your dish with salt or other herbs, sprinkle it from a distance from above to spread it evenly. This ‘snowing’ method of seasoning avoids clumping and makes the dish taste great!


4. Blend sauce well with pasta.

While boiling pasta, avoid adding oil to water. It prevents sauce from sticking to the pasta.


When you are draining boiled pasta, add some grated parmesan cheese to it while it is still hot. When you put the pasta in the sauce, the sauce will stick to it due to the cheese.

5. Use balsamic vinegar.

balsamic vinegar

Add more health and taste to your snacks by using balsamic vinegar. Just toss your noodles, roasted veggies or strawberries with some balsamic vinegar and watch its taste go up!


6. Prepare your pan for fried rice.

If you want to make fried rice, then prepare your pan for it. Make an omelet in the same pan before you make fried rice.

Prepare your pan
Fried Rice

It will prevent the rice from sticking to the pan surface and making fried rice will be a cake walk for you!


7. Get baking ratios right.

Baking is a science. If you cannot weigh each and every baking ingredient perfectly, don’t worry. Just follow this simple rule.


Just make sure that the weight of the flour is equal to that of sugar and weight of fat is equal to that of eggs. This will ensure that your cake turns out perfect!


8. Upgrade your coffee.

Make your coffee taste great. All you need to do is to add a pinch of salt and cinnamon powder to the coffee beans before brewing.


The salt will curb the bitterness and cinnamon will give it a great aroma and flavor!


9. Crack your eggs perfectly.

Always crack your eggs on a flat surface instead of the inner side of a bowl. This will prevent the egg shells from getting pushed on the inside.

Crack your eggs
Crack your eggs

Also remember to pierce the yolk with a fork before whisking the eggs. It will blend the yolk and egg white much easily and quickly.


10. Make your meat tender.

You can tenderize meat by covering it with a mixture of egg whites and cornstarch. By doing so the meat gets a silky texture, remains juicy and does not get burned while cooking.

Make your meat tender
Tender Meat

Employ these handy tips to your cooking skills and become as expert as the professional chefs. Share more tips on easy cooking with us too!

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