10 Things Which Might Help To Improve Your Mood And Make You Happy!

Grappling with a bad mood swing? Don’t worry it is a normal thing to be upset once in a while due to PMS or a bad day at work. There are many ways to counter that not-so-happy state of mind. Just apply any of the given ideas to see your blues vanish in no time and leave you feeling happy as a free bird.


1.Dress Up In style.

Dress Up In style

Shoot up your style quotient to feel better about yourself. Wear your bright colours and look your best. It will induce a feel good factor and fetch you many compliments too. There is no room for a bad mood here, isn’t it?


2.Look Fabulous.



If you are the kind of person who wears makeup on special occasions, then it is time you define ‘occasions’ differently. Now is the perfect time to unleash your precious beauty enhancing skills and experiment with a new look.

When you look fabulous, you feel fabulous. Simple!


3.Tune It Up.

When there is good music in the air, there is liveliness in the atmosphere. Whenever you feel the blues striking you just put on your favourite peppy numbers and see how your mood gets lighten up within minutes.


4.Re-discover Your Hobbies.


Everyone has a natural interest in doing some special thing. Re-discover your hobby and spend time doing what makes your soul happy. This is a sure shot way to pep up your mood.

Do somersaults, go bungee jumping, paint the entire wall with art, dance away to glory, climb a mountain, travel, eat good food- the list is endless. You will find yourself smiling in no time.





Do deep breathing exercises or pranayama and guided meditations. Meditation dissolves unwanted thoughts and relaxes the mind.

Prop up a cushion in a quiet corner, meditate for a while and see your mood improve instantly.


6.Call Up Your Friends.

meet friends

Plan and meet up with your friends for a chitchat session over coffee or go for a long drive or a movie together. With your pals pulling your leg constantly, it is difficult to stay miffed for long.


7.Do Acts Of Kindness.


Do random acts of kindness to bring positive energy in your life. Donate your time, effort and things to people who need it. Visit an orphanage to play with kids, spend time with the elderly in a park, make someone laugh or donate eatable to street kids.

Doing something good, makes you feel good too!


8.Do Something New.


Do something new to keep busy and avoid boredom. You may learn kickboxing, redecorate your home, plant new trees, learn to bake, go scuba diving or do anything that you have not done before.

It will refresh you and distract you from getting upset over things. Keeping your mind empty and hands busy definitely works wonders here!


9.Feed Well.

Feed Well

Eating good food is a great way to enhance your mood. The welcoming smell, sight and taste of good food are sure to lift up your spirits.

However, do not go binging on high calorie food stuff every time you are upset. If it becomes a habit, you may pile on extra pounds and become more upset.


10.Retail  Therapy.


Go for shopping to uplift your mood. Retail therapy can do wonders for your bad mood. Try new clothes, get a nice smelling perfume or simply window shop to put yourself in a good space.

Apply any of these tips to keep your spirits high. Stay positive, explore life!

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