10 Things Most People Normally Can’t Do With Their Bodies!

epa03859060 Russian-born contortionist Zlata poses during a photo shooting in a park in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, 09 September 2013. The international contortionists conference takes place in the city from 09 until 11 September with 100 partcipants from 16 countries. EPA/Rolf Vennenbernd

Your friends may have challenged you to do certain things with your body which were next to impossible. Well, you never had a chance of winning as human bodies are just not wired to do certain stuff physically.

While human body is pretty amazing at multi functioning, there are 10 things that most people normally can’t do with their bodies.

1. Wiggling your ears.

Wiggling of ear

If you want to wiggle your ears just like you can move your eyebrows, well you simply won’t be able to. The muscles behind the ears are quite intricate, so moving them at your own will needs lots of practice.

2. Touching Your Nose Or Chin With Tongue. (Obviously Yours)

Touching nose

You must have tried touching your nose or chin with your tongue at least once in your life. Chances are that you couldn’t do it! You’ll be happy to know that only 10% of the population can do this successfully.

Mostly people afflicted with a connective tissue disorder can do the tongue touching the nose or chin feat easily.

3. Sneezing With Your Eyes Open.

Sneezing with eyes closed

Your friends in school may have challenged you to keep your eyes open while sneezing. But it is easier said than done.

Our brain sends a signal to sneeze and also sends a signal to our eyelids to close at the same time. It happens to avoid the irritant from entering the eyes.

4. Licking Your Elbow.

Touching elbow

Very few people can win the challenge of licking their elbow! This is because our human anatomy is not made to do it.

People with short arms or long tongues stand a good chance of accomplishing this feat!

5. Nose Twitching.

Nose twitching

If you have seen Samantha twitching her nose to do magic tricks in the movie ‘Bewitched’ it may seem like an easy thing. However, very few people can twitch their noses successfully.

You certainly need a lot of practice to do it!

6. Body Flexibility.

Body flexibility

Extreme flexibility is needed to contort your body into various art forms. Not everyone can do it.
While most of us struggle to touch our chins to our knees, people with great flexibility can perform acrobatics like splits, back bending, front bending etc. that may leave you awestruck.

7. Tickling Your Own Body.


If someone tickles you then squirming and giggling are natural reactions. But if you try to tickle yourself then it may not be possible to do so.

The area of your brain called cerebellum sends a signal that you are about to be touched and prevents feeling ticklish.

8. Breathing And Swallowing Together.

Breathing and swallowing food

If your drink enters the ‘wrong pipe’ you may end up coughing. If you eat too fast, then you may have hiccups. This shows that you cannot swallow and breathe at the same time.

The pharynx in your throat shifts every time it takes food into the tummy or passes air into the lungs. So it is nearly impossible to swallow and breathe simultaneously normally.

9. Tongue Twisting.

Twisting tongue

While you can learn to roll your tongue to speak,  you can barely form other shapes like a three leaf clover or a 180 degree flip with it. This can only be done if you have it in your DNA structure.

So that explains why some can do it and some can’t!

10. Fist In Your Mouth.

Fist in mouth

While most teething toddlers try to fit their fists into their mouths, you may actually not be able to even fit in half of your fist.
Don’t even try this if you don’t wish to land up in an emergency room!
Take precaution while attempting any of these feats as they may backfire easily. Let us know any other tricks human body is incapable of performing!

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