10 Fitting Replies For Those Irritating Dialogues Every Lucknowite Gets To Hear!!

Amma Miyan Maine Kaha Adaab!!

Since forever certain stereotypes have been clad along about Lucknowites, being called nawabs to ‘Pehle aap’. Every Lucknowite has gone through this verbal torture of being categorized into a certain setup. Being from Lucknow there are some one-liners we all are fed up of hearing. Every time we all wish to utter those beautiful responses that come to our mind but we couldn’t. So here are the apt responses that can shut those mouths forever!!

1. “Are ye Lucknow se hain! inke ghar mein koi na koi to vidhayak hoga hi!”

2. “Bade araam se ho! Lucknow ke ho kya?”

3. “Acha ek baat hai! duniya chicken khaati hai aur tum log pehente ho.”

4. “Abe ‘Hi Dude’ kya hota hai! inse aadaab kaho!”

5. “Arre Lucknow se ho aur non-veg nahi khaate!”

6. “Dude it’s big town talk Lucknowites won’t get it!”

7. “Lucknow se ho? are to do paan laga BHAIYA!”

8. “Bhai urdu sikha do tumko to aati hi hogi!”

9. “Bhai ek romantic sher bata bandi ko msg karna hai.”

10. “Bhaiya hukka cigarette se zyada nuksaan deta hai, pata hai ki nahi?”

These were just those replies we could say staying into the “limits” and for any further direct response please contact the nearest Lucknowi you see and we are sure, you would get the perfect reply. To all the Lucknowites who are tired of Listening to these dialogues don’t worry we got this handled!

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