Adore Yourself A lot? Find Out 10 Simple Hacks For That Perfect Selfie!

It comes naturally to some, while others just have to master it. Well, most of you would agree that taking a perfect selfie is an art. And a necessity for the social media buffs.
In today’s times where you have to update your profile on social media often, taking that perfect selfie is no child’s play.

Here are 10 simple hacks that will help you capture that perfect selfie:

1. Follow the rule of 10%.


Take as many clicks as you can. Around 10% of them will turn out to be great. Going trigger happy was not so delightful before, isn’t it?

2. Bring in some sunshine.


If you are in a low lit place, your selfies will come out be pretty dark. Bring the sunshine in. Make sure the light falls on your face. It should neither be too less or too high.

Strike a balance and get compliments for the results!

3. Do the background check.


Well, a great selfie is no good if you can see a pile of clothes in the background. Create a background by hanging an interesting bed sheet behind you or choose a great outdoor! Perfection follows instantly.

4. Practice makes a selfie perfect.


Nothing is achieved in this world without a little effort. Stand in front of a mirror and practice various poses till you perfect them.
When it’s all about that perfect selfie, a little hard work will go a long way!

5. Zoom in.


When you hold your phone too close to your face, your selfie has a large nose or a broad jaw.
Zoom in the camera instead of getting it close to capture the right angle. It will prevent enlarging any facial feature unevenly.

6. Angle it right.


If you hold your phone camera at your eye level or below it, you may not get a flattering selfie, or worse one with a double chin.
Angle the camera a little above your nose level. Use your arm or a selfie stick. It will fetch you great results, for sure!

7. Know where to look.


Most people look at the phone screen while taking a shot. Look at the camera for a perfectly confident selfie.

8. Put your best profile forward.


Know your best profile that comes out great in pictures. It could be the right or the left one. It could come with a little downward, upward or side ward tilt of your head or shoulder.
Discover it by taking practice shots. You will eventually know the best one, trust me.

9. Use vocab.


If you’ve to pose, you’ve got to pose right. Mouth a few words to get that perfect selfie pose just before you click it.
For example, just say prune to get pouty or say wow to get a big expression.  

10. Pack in a bit of action.


Use your creative brain cells and pack in some action in your selfies. Experiment with the background, people at different distances or use accessories to get a fun and hip selfie!

Use these simple hacks to get that perfect selfie that fetches you many compliments. Happy clicking!

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