The Peddler’s | Why This Café In Lucknow Feels Both Like An Adventure And Home | #MfreekReviews.

What makes a café an ultimate place to chill at? Is it the food, the décor, the cool cutleries, the happening music or simply the essence of good vibes the place emanates?
With multiple cafes sprawling all over the city, we are happy to break to you that Lucknow finally finds a cosy and comfortable space where every experience is an adventure in itself. The Peddler’s Café in the heart of Lucknow, Hazaratganj is creating buzz all over the town. Whether you want to save a corner for your favorite date, or simply relax and have some fun time with your friends, Peddler’s is just the place to be.

The Peddler’s Café gives us enough reasons to be our new favourite and it’s time for you now to check it out! Here’s what makes Peddler’s a unique experience.

1. Finger-licking food


Trust us when we say that Peddler’s Café beats every eatery in town when it comes to food! With some creative dishes in the menu to choose from, this café is a paradise for every food lover. Every bite of the chicken club sandwich leaves you craving for more.


From Bottled Omelette to Muttonbeer Hunt, from Olivian Pizza to The Peddled Burger every food item here is bound to satisfy your taste buds.

2. The Great Wall of Wonder


There will never be a dull moment at Peddler’s, for merely gazing at the wall can leave you stunned. Oozing out “exuberance” all over the café is the creative graffiti that simply makes you want to hop on the Volkswagen Camper and set out on your journey. Chitchat with friends over your childhood memories that come alive with the mosaic of cartoon characters on the other wall. The kooky décor of the place is an amazement in itself!

3. For The Bibliophile In You.


Sitting in one corner of the café, is the haven for book lovers to rejoice their time either with a company, or alone. Nothing gets better than a hot cup of joe and your favourite book in hand!

4. Open Hookah


A new experience awaits all the hookah lovers in Lucknow. Amidst the garden balcony at Peddler’s, smoke away some amazing hookah flavours with your gang. The scene gets better at night with the place all lighted up!

5. Located in the heart of Lucknow.


Situated at one of the best locations of Lucknow at Madan Mohan Malviya Marg, Peddler’s Café can be easily accessed from all corners of the city. Away from the main street traffic, a peaceful and an almost no honking zone around the café , adds on to the entire experience at the Peddler’s.

6. Easy Parking (Ignore the pizza if you can).


With good location comes no parking zones. To keep you stress free, Peddler’s Café has it all sorted for you. Owing to the ample space and safe locality around, you will never have a problem with parking your vehicle at Peddler’s.

7. Artist’s Wall.


If you enjoy art and are looking to purchase some wonderful pieces of art, Peddler’s Café has an amazing treat for you! The artist’s wall showcases work of talented artists, including some incredible charcoal paintings which are up for sale. Go show some love Lucknow!

8. Music For The Soul.


Adding on to the quirky ambiance of the cafe is the quirky music playing all throughout. Peddler’s is one of its kind cafes in Lucknow, which satisfies your soul with a perfect blend of good music and food.

 9. No Botheration Zone.


The Peddler’s Café is an experience all about you. Even with multiple people around you, the team here ensures that the crowd enjoys every moment without getting into the zone of others. You are free to feel the good vibes all around you.

10. Stairway To Heaven.


The stairway to Peddler’s opens gate to the little heaven the place is. From color-block pillars to the rustic wheels on the walls, from drool worthy food to soul satisfying music, from  exhaling smokes of hookah to inhaling extra oxygen in the balcony, the essence of every element here easily connects with you.

If you are still wondering about visiting the place, we have only one word for you. GO!

The Peddler’s

CLICK HERE  To Checkout Their Facebook Page And For Coming Event’s Updates And Hangout Gigs!!

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