10 Reasons Why A Lucknowi Girl Is Your Perfect Dating Partner.

Boys! finding the girl of your dreams is obviously something quite stressful. The girls of Lucknow are exactly what you call an ideal mix of royalty and simplicity. They live up to the exact image one has of Lucknow with the full Nawabi essence around them, they are simple and down to earth at heart. She would be your loveliest friend at the same time, will turn into an angry tigress if anybody hurts you. We bring to you certain reasons why you should date the girls of this Awadhi land.

1. Simplicity runs through her.

The definite down to earth attitude of Lucknowi girls is something that’s a heart stealer for boys. Being the desi girls they love what they have and instead of running behind the latest trends they make a trend of their own. Guys these are the girls who fall for you over a plate of gol-gappas.

2. Bow down to the ‘Chatori Begums’.

A definite catch! The girls of Lucknow are the lovely ‘Chatori Begums’ their love for food has forever won the hearts. These are the kinds of girls who don’t give a F**k about dieting if it comes to pleasing their tongues. They are not just foodie they will make you fall in love with the Food too.

3. Bargain queens. They can kill for it.

A crown every diva of this city deserves! Girls of Lucknow are undoubtedly winners in the field of bargaining. They know how much to spend where. Smart shopping is an intricate trait of them. Spending money on clothes is something that needs a smart mind and the begums here are smart indeed.

4. A perfect blend of desi+videsi.

The girls of Lucknow live up to this title perfectly. These girls are the real party freaks and at the same time when it comes to traditional festivals, they are there in all ethnic clad up. These girls can be your partner for being the favorite among your family she is not a foot behind in your friend-circle!! Mind it! She can be your partner in crimes be it good or be it bad. 😉

5. Music buddy. (Let the Music play!)

Yup! music is love. She can be your perfect music partner from listening to old classics she is all into trending metal. Following music and worshipping the singers is not just your passion. Dating a girl from Lucknow gives you a buddy with whom you can share your taste in music for, be it emotional slow stuff to hardcore rock she is there to give you company!

6. Your cool partner. She gets you in and out. 😉

The girls of Lucknow are a pretty understanding type of partners! they give you the space that’s needed and at the same time are there for you when you need them the most. If you re dating a Lucknowi girl then you are the luckiest guy probably. For they can laugh along at your dirtiest secrets and at the same time can be your 3 am horror partner.

7. She is stubborn as hell when it comes to commitment. Warning!!

Call her obstinate or whatever you will, but once she is committed to your friendship nothing can deter this Lucknowi begum. Let the bad times come and go she will be there by your side. Yes, a trait proudly carried by the girls of Lucknow. They are too serious about their commitment. So guys Love her only if you are ready to give your 100%.

8. These are the queens in disguise.

Perfect description for these Awadhi queens. They have the aura around them which makes them distinct from others. They become the heartthrob of every place they go. All the eyes are set on her as she is the jolly girls in the party who is the show stealer.

P.S: Don’t blame her is she steals your ‘Thunder’ for she can’t help it! 😛

9. Need not worry about the melodrama for, she isn’t cut out for that.

Melodrama is not something that’s her type. If a Lucknow girl wants to say something she can easily opt for a direct conversation. Not because they have this rude approach but well seriously who has the time for all the crap and they are pretty clear about that!

10. She will understand you in and out… as somewhere deep inside her is a lurking shayar.

Born in the land with rich cultural background every Lucknow girl has this inner hidden shayar and this makes her open and understanding lady that she is. Understanding your every feeling and giving words to those unspoken emotions.

So Guys what are you waiting for? Finding a girl who fulfills all your criteria is a little hard and these begums don’t really like to wait!! So, don’t waste your time and keep looking because having a begum as your own can be a lovely change in your life!!

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