10 Reasons Why A Lucknow Girl Could Be Your Best Friend Forever.

Lucknow’s tehzeeb and tameez has left everyone in awe of the city. The city is known from its people and the people here are lovely. The girls of Lucknow are exactly what you call an ideal mix of royalty and simplicity. They live upto the exact image one has of Lucknow with the full nawabi essence around them they are simple and down to earth at heart. She would be your loveliest friend at the same time will turn into an angry tigress if anybody hurts you. They are the perfect best friend material. As proof to that we bring to you some reasons why a Lakhnawi girl can be your BFF.

#1. She becomes the heartthrob of every place.

Be it your classroom or some house party she will be the one girl who instantly becomes everyone’s favorite. Lucknow girls can really set a boring place into the most happening place on earth.

#2. She is the perfect blend of desi and videsi.

The Lucknow girl can be your best mate as she is the perfect combination of desi and videsi. She has all the decency of a small town girl inside an elegant up town wrap-up.

#3. She knows how to shop and where to shop.

A girl from Lucknow would be your perfect shopping partner as she has the perfect knowledge of where to find what and has the exact idea of what would suit you. One thing for sure they have great fashion sense.

#4. You would never stay hungry as She is the ‘Chatori Begum’.

Living in the city famous for its food. The Lucknow girls are die hard fans of the nawabi food. One thing for sure, if you have her on your side, you won’t ever sleep on empty stomach.

#5.  Well what a money saver!! She kills it at bargaining.

If its getting the best for the least call her to your rescue. Every Lucknow girl knows how to bargain and get things done her way. With her by your side say goodbye to overpriced goods.

#6. Say ‘party’ and she will be there.

Lucknow is one of the most happening cities and so are the people of this place. Call party and your buddy will be there. If you have a Lucknow girl as friend then be sure to have company in every party.

#7. She will cling to you even in your bad times.. She is that stubborn.

Call her obstinate or whatever you will, but once she is committed to your friendship nothing can deter this lucknawi begum. Let the bad times come and go she will be there by your side.

#8. She will understand you in and out… as somewhere deep inside her is a lurking shayar.

Born in the land with rich cultural background every Lucknow girl has this inner hidden shayar and this makes her open and understanding lady that she is.

#9. She knows how to appreciate… your efforts would never go wasted.

What we want from our best bud is recognition for our actions and Lucknow girls are great at it. They know when a person’s efforts are to be appreciated and that’s what makes them different from others.

#10. Need not worry about the melodrama for, she isn’t cut out for that.

Melodrama is not something her type. If a Lucknow girl wants to say something she can easily opt for a direct conversation. Not because they have this rude approach but well seriously who has the time for all the crap.

These were just some of the reasons for having the luckhnawi girls as your bffs. They are enchanting and the most loyal friends for you.

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