10 Reasons Why You Must Date A Guy From Lucknow!

Ladies! whenever you choose a partner you know, he has to be the best and different from the whole lot. Lucknow has been a home to Nawabs for a long-long time and the charm of Nawabs has never failed to woo the ladies. We bring to you certain reasons that perfectly tell why you should date a guy who is from Lucknow.

1- A Lucknowi guy has a tweak of Nawabi touch.

Set aside cute chocolate boys, heads up for the perfect bearded boys! Well, yeah the city of Nawabs bestows the best of bearded men on earth.

2- Pamper thrills, you girls? Then, GO DATE A LUCKNOWI GUY!!

The renowned slogan “Pehle app” isn’t really a myth! People (especially boys) do actually believe in treating their GIRLS like that. Nowhere on earth can a guy treat you so well, don’t you even dare to compare.

3- Desi style, maal versatile! 😛

A blend of tough, rigid personality with a sweet & soothing heart is nowhere available apart from the city of Nawabs. Come on ya girls, they’re worth a try.

4- Musical buddies, they know the language of Love.

The boys of Lucknow are a perfect catch as, their love for music makes them give meaning to those tiny butterfly feelings. What a girl wants from a boy is understanding and Lots of Love. Well, girls!! your search is definitely gonna end here.

5- Lucknowi guys are a bunch of romance fanatics.

Romance is something that runs in the blood of these Nawabs. From those beautiful candle light dinners to the lovely long drives, they do it all to make you fall head over heels in love with them.

6- Lover of the comfort zone? Get yourself a Nawab.

These Nawabi guys have this aura around them, that makes you comfortable even in the most unsettling situations. With him, you can be in your comfort zone at any point of the day.

7- They know how to appreciate beauty, after all, they are the real admirers of art.

Born and brought up in the land famous for its art and culture, understanding the beauty of simpler things and appreciating it, is something that’s every Lucknowi guy’s intricate part.

8- Foodie? Well, you would get a competitor.

Being a foodie in this land of kebabs is not a surprise. When you have a Lucknow guy by your side deciding where to eat out is not a task anymore. And yes they are always up for

9- They steal the hearts with their ‘Shayarana Andaaz’.

Poetry and Love have since forever gone hand in hand. There is no doubt that the men of Lucknow are core shayars from the inside even though, they don’t show it out to the world but what really weaves them are those words with hidden meanings.

10-  Down-to-Earth attitude of the Lucknowi guys is what makes them different from the rest.

Having an attitude that doesn’t define you is something that is hard to possess. Most guys of Lucknow have a very humble approach towards others. Their no-show off attitude is an eye catcher and something that makes them the sweetest people around.

These reasons make the guys from Lucknow the never-to-miss ones. So girls think hard before you choose, as getting a Nawab of Lucknow can really change your life for the good. 😉

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