10 One-Liners You Would Definitely Hear From The People Of Lucknow.

If you are new in Lucknow, you would find it fascinating that there are certain one-liners you would hear from almost everyone in Lucknow. Lucknow is known for its hospitality and the one liners stay to be proof of that. The city, just like its name, has not lost its feel of nawabs and this is quite visible in the language people opt. The Awadhi essence mixed with some modernization gives out a beautiful blend.

Here are some one-liners that Lucknow people are so fond of.

#1. “Muskuraiye ki aap Lucknow mai hai.”….Smile, Please.

#2. “Ama yarr tum bhi, kamal karte ho.”

#3. “Ama Lucknow aaye aur kabab na khae to kya khae..”

#4. Well! Well! Well!.. one of the most favorite one liner…. “Ji janab, Pehle aap!!”

#5. “Chahcha Vidhayak hai humare!!”

#6. “Lucknow da kurta, pathani salwar, tab lage mard vrna lage bekar”

#7. “Bhook lagi hai? Chal Tunday”. (Yes, This is Tunday )

#8. “Yarr! Mausam mast hai… Marine Drive chale?”

#9. “Bhai, Bhaukal hota hai apna apna!!”

#10. “I am bored… Let’s go ganjing.”

So, these were some of the most prominent one liners you would hear from the people of Lucknow. Have you heard any of these from your Lucknowite friends or do you have some other one liners in mind? Do let us know in the comment section below, we’ll be glad to hear it.

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