10 International Honeymoon Getaways For The Newlyweds.

The wedding season is here and after the wedding knots and the vows awaits a romantic honeymoon for the lovebirds. All newlyweds deserve an unforgettable honeymoon, right?
There are some exotic destinations abroad that will give you the most romantic honeymoon ever!

Here is a list of top 10 honeymoon destination in the world that will give you and your life partner a lifetime of romantic memories.

1. Paris, France.

Paris famous as ‘The City of Love’ is undoubtedly the ultimate honeymoon destination. A visit to the Eiffel tower will become your most cherished memory for life.Get your portrait sketched, relish the French cuisine, exchange vows and kiss on theLover’s Bridge to enliven your honeymoon.

2. Marrakech, Morocco.

It is a great honeymoon destination with the backdrop of Atlas Mountains. You can sunbathe, enjoy the island life, pamper yourself with a spa massage, take a hot air balloon ride or go clubbing. Life moves at a relaxed pace here.

3. The Maldives.

If you want a seaside honeymoon adventure, then Maldives is the best place to plan your trip. Have a romantic rendezvous along white and pristine sandy beaches, watch your love blossom with the sunrises and sunsets in the company of your better half and also discover the exotic underwater marine life.

4. Venice, Italy.

This is the most romantic getaway for your honeymoon trip abroad. A romantic gondola ride is a must for all the newly wedded couples. You can enjoy amazing food and wine along with a dreamy dinner cruise.

5. San José, Costa Rica.

From romantic beaches to scenic beauty,  San Jose` in Costa Rica is a great honeymoon destination. You can surf, swim, go for zip lining or simply enjoy the serene beaches in its entire splendor.

6. Taba, Egypt.

Taba is a breathtaking honeymoon spot. Its coral reefs, beaches and nature reserves give you ample opportunities to enjoy your time here at the beach side resorts. You can go for snorkeling and safaris as well.

7. Zurich, Switzerland.

Zurich is an enchanting place for your honeymoon. Picturesque mountains and delightful landscapes will make your honeymoon a memorable experience. You can visit old churches, eat multi cuisine food, shop and enjoy cultural festivities too.

8. Thredbo, Australia.

If you want a winter getaway for your honeymoon, then Thredbo is the perfect place. With snow all around, you can go for skiing and snowboarding and snuggle up in the cozy bars afterward.

9. Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbul is a perfect mix of old and new. If you want the cultural extravaganza you can see beautiful architecture and also relish Turkish cuisine. Besides this, you can relax amidst the natural beauty or party the night away here.

10. Prague, Czech Republic.

A visit to Prague will bring a feeling of a fairytale for your honeymoon. A romantic walk along the banks of Charles river will give an experience that will last you a lifetime.

Wow! The newlyweds can indeed create a lot of romantic memories together during their honeymoon. So, where are you spending your honeymoon? Comment and let us know.

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