10 Interesting Houses That Actually Exist Around The World.

To own your house is one of the best feelings in the world! While most of us design our homes according to the latest fashion, some people are not so predictable. Some people want their house to be one in a billion and therefore they design their homes pretty differently. Their out of the box thinking brings out the creative best in the way their home looks like.

Let us take a tour of the 10 most unusual houses that actually exist around the world.

1. Car Shaped House.

Car House
Car House

Cars may add to global warming. But this unique car shaped house in Salzburg, Austria is pretty eco friendly. It has very efficient heating, cooling and insulation system with minimal power consumption.

Wonder where the owners park their cars?

2. Shell Shaped House.

Shell House
Shell House

This sea shell shaped house ‘Nautilus’ in Mexico was inspired by bio-architecture. When a family of four wished to live in a house close to nature, this house was designed and made by architect Javier Senosiain.

It certainly looks as vibrant as the marine life, doesn’t it?

3. The Flintstones’ House.

The Flintstones's House.
The Flintstones’ House

If you loved watching Fred and Wilma in Flintstones’s animation series, you would definitely love this Flintstones inspired house in Malibu, USA.

It was originally owned by Dick Clark and has one bedroom, a fireplace and a couple of bathrooms along with many glass windows.

4. The Glass House.

The Glass House
The Glass House

This completely transparent see through glass house in Tokyo, Japan is one of its kind. It fetches you lots of sunlight during the day but not much privacy. Its design is inspired by ancestors living on trees.

Wonder how they use the washroom in there?

5. The Slimmest House.

Keret House
Keret House

The slimmest house in the world is only 92 cm to 152 cm wide. It is sandwiched between two tall buildings; the ‘Keret House’ is designed by Polish architect Jakub Szczesny. It houses travelling writers.

6. The Cell Brick House.

Cell Brick House
Cell Brick House

This house is built by steel boxes with a window between every two boxes. On the inner side there is lots of space due to the boxes in this two story house in Tokyo, Japan.

7. The One Log House.

One Log House
One Log House

This one log house is built from a single log of redwood which is 2100 years old. The 42 ton one log house is a famous tourist attraction in California, USA.

8. The Bubble House.

The Bubble House
The Bubble House

The Bubble House is made in the shape of bubbles. Built in 1989 by Antii Lovag in France for the famous designer Pierre Cardin, it was a futuristic palace. Currently it is open for renting for various events.

9. The Dog Shaped House.

Dog Shaped House
Dog Bark Inn

This beagle shaped house was built in 2003 in Idaho by Frances Conklin and Dennis Sullivan. Famous as Dog Bark Inn, this house has two rooms for a comfortable stay.

10. The Toilet Shaped House.

Toilet Shaped House
Toilet Shaped House

The toilet shaped house was built in 2007 by the Mayor of South Korea to spread the message of sanitation for toilet deprived population in the world. This house has a toilet at its center built with glass walls.

What is your preference for a humble abode? Do let us know about your dream house!

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