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10 Gifs Every Intern In Lucknow Would Definitely Relate To!

Internships are in trend now. Having an internship just after graduation adds up a lot of positive points to your CV. Good work experience, Increased Exposure, Friendly environment, Receptive colleagues etc. are some of the deceptive ideas we all have about internships while these internships are actually a lot different from what we commonly perceive. When nobody gives a damn to what an intern goes through we bring to you certain daily perils of an intern in Lucknow. Don’t worry guys we understand.

#1. When you have to struggle out of your bed early in the morning as the Lucknow traffic is never merciful.

#2. The first day at office turns out to be just you and your PC.

#3. When in the name of exposure you are tagged along for meetings in the burning city.(hot sunny days)

#4. The feeling that your Lazy Lucknowi bone is going to give up due to excess work pressure.

#5. Bunking is no longer an option now.

#6. When you get ‘food dreams’ in office as you are a die-hard fan of Awadhi food.

#7. All your weekend plans shatter because of your new ‘work from home’ assignment.

#8. Weekend parties turn into a nightmare when you awkwardly bump into your boss.

#9. Working full time with zero salary is just not fair.

#10. When at the last day of your internship you really don’t wanna leave.(and you don’t even know the reason)

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