10 Different Ways People From Lucknow Use The Word ‘Yaar’.

‘Yaar’, the word which can be used to describe almost every emotion. Just a push here and there and with merely altering the pronunciation the word can be used to refer to a completely different feeling. The literal meaning of the word is ‘friend’ and usually it is used to refer to a close friend. The word is too common especially among the youth of Lucknow. Here are some particular ways in which this word is used by the Lucknowites.

#1. When you are too happy for your friend 🙂

#2. When you did something wrong and now dread the inevitable.

#3. When you are irritated by your friends’ idiotic actions.

#4. When the climax part of the movie is about to come and electricity shuts down.

#5. When late at night you want to irritate your friend.

#6. When you desperately need help.

#7. When your friend is talking on and on for past 1 hour.

#8. When you are being suspicious.

#9. When after watching a horror movie you are scared AF.

#10. When you are angry on your friend and are being all sarcastic.

These are just some of the ways the people of Lucknow use this word. Can you think of any other? Do drop your comments here, we are really eager to know how much more multipurpose can this word be…  🙂

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