10 Breakfast Foods That You Think Are Healthy But Are Actually Not!

Do you call yourself health conscious and still eat eggs, cereals or bread in your breakfast? Well, we should tell you that you are making the wrong choices. There are certain food items that you think are good for your health but may actually not be that healthy.
Fresh, unprocessed and organic food are best for enjoying a great health. They give you tons of nutrients and energy which gets you going throughout the day.

Let us find out 10 breakfast food items that you should avoid eating to stay healthy in the long run.

1. Fried Eggs.

Fried Eggs

You may like your eggs sunny side up or fluffed up into an omelet but it is not really a good breakfast choice. Since it is cooked in oil, the amount of cholesterol you end up consuming is quite high.

Instead, try boiled or poached egg to keep your protein level high.

2. Instant Oatmeal.


Instant oatmeal may be an easy choice for breakfast but it is not high on nutritional value. It is low in both protein and fiber content. You may feel the hungers pangs again, soon after eating it.

It is better to go for non flavored oatmeal which is not loaded with artificial sugar or preservatives. Add berries and nuts to homemade oats to make your breakfast both healthy and tasty.

3. Caffeine.


Most of us  kickstart our day with our morning cuppa! Some even substitute coffee for their breakfast.

While coffee may give you a metabolic boost, it is advised only to consume it along with hearty breakfast. It is also essential to limit your caffeine intake per day.

4. Margarine.


Many substitute butter with margarine in their breakfast. It may not contain sugar or saturated fats and may seem like a healthy food choice, but in fact, it is full of trans fat which is not good for your health at all.

The trans fat that you accumulate in your body wears away very slowly even after exercising a lot. Think twice before spreading margarine on your toast!

5. Fruit Juice.

Fruit Juice

Packaged fruit juice is loaded heavily with sugar content or with fructose content, which is even worse. The different flavors may taste all delicious to you, but its regular intake hikes the chances of getting type 2 diabetes eventually.

Even the freshly squeezed fruit juices means too much natural sugar. Eat fruits instead.

6. White Bread.

White toast
White toast

White bread does not carry much grain content. It is made of finely refined white flour with very little fiber or nutritional value.

The starch in the bread gets absorbed and digested very easily which spikes the blood sugar levels very quickly. Go for brown bread or multi-grain bread to get fiber and other nutrients.

7. Cereals.


Cereals are the staple breakfast food for most health freaks. Well, whether they are good for your health or not depends on what kind of cereals you are taking.

The flavored or the sugared variants are extremely bad for you and your kids. The unflavored oats with milk, nuts and fruits are safer loaded with nutrition.

8. Pancakes.


Pancakes are full of empty calories and are low on nutritional content. When splashed with maple syrup, they become all the more unhealthy.

You may opt for healthier pancakes which are made of oats flour, egg whites and topped with fruits. They are packed with fiber and antioxidants which give you a good energy boost.

9. Ready To Eat Salads.


Most of the ready to eat salads that you buy at the restaurants or supermarket will only empty your pockets without helping you get healthy.

What makes them unhealthy is the salad dressing, mayonnaise and artificial flavors which fill them up with unnecessary calories. Go for homemade varieties instead.

10. Dried Fruits.

Dried Fruits

When you eat dried fruit, you consume a higher amount of sugar than the whole fruit. Now that surely puts pressure on your kidneys and liver for processing it. It is advisable to eat only a small quantity of dry fruits to get instant energy.

Make healthy food choices to stay fit and energetic. It will surely keep you going a long way!

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